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If you like sweet/salty this is a great combo and very easy to make. We don't have toppables but found Ritz has come out with "Toppers" and used those. Don't put too much sauce on the crackers - I had one pan that had a lot (it poured too fast on me) and the 2nd pan didn't have as much and the 2nd pan turned out better. The sugar mixture bubbled up better it made a nicer looking topping on the cracker. You could possibly get enough sauce for another pan or atleast a 1/2 pan.

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DDW December 22, 2004

These were made for me a few months ago, but we used a bag of chocolate chips for each pan, and sprinkle the chocolate chips over the crackers while they're still hot. They take a minute or two to melt, and you spread it around, and refrigerate for half an hour to an hour to harden.

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D-Train August 02, 2006
Toffee Crackers