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This is always a hit when my young toddler is refusing to eat what I've cooked. Because I don't want to feel like a short-order cook yet I don't want to let her "starve", this works out perfectly. There's no prep time and no cook time. You just throw it in a bowl and voila! The active cultures from the yogurt are fantastic for your toddler's digestive tract. There's plenty of calcium and protein, too. I'm going to write lowered fat ingredients for ease of the recipe. However, if you prefer your young toddler (under 2) to have full-fat ingredients, go for it. That's what I do for my now 20-month old. Once she hits 24 months, I'll lower the fat content and start using low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese as it's written here. Easy breakfast, lunch or dinner when nothing else is working for that picky toddler! NOTE: This works for babies, too, if your ped has OK'd the use of dairy products for your baby.

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  1. Combine both ingredients in a toddler-safe bowl and serve!


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Yes, I can definitely attest that this recipe is a life saver. I've been giving it to my DD since she was 9 months (I use full fat ingredients) and she just loves it. I also mix in different fresh fruits, and when im out of yogurt, apple sauce does the trick!

mommymakeit4u December 02, 2010

I just add some cottage cheese to baby yogurt until I get the consistancy I like. My 1 yr old daughter loved this from the first spoonful. It makes the yogurt easier to feed to her and she can even practice using a spoon with it. So easy and helpful! We've used this with all the baby yogurt flavors.

Minda3 February 25, 2009

Both of my toddlers loved this, I actually used strawberry yogurt. I think next time I will try adding puree like your other recipe says to do! Thanks so much!

merrilife September 03, 2008

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