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I'm pretty sure this is the same cake my Mom used to make and called it Moroccan Cake!! She said my grandma used to make it probably back in the 30's!! Such a wonderful cake!! Thanks for posting it I thought I'd never find it!!

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pattik2478 February 21, 2016

Gerry, what a wonderful cake this is. We love spice cake and topped with ice cream ,made us go back for seconds. I baked this in a round pyrex dish and it worked very well. Great blend of flavors. In my favorites file this will go. Don't those mom's have just the "best" recipes. Thank goodness they share them.

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Dotty2 April 07, 2009

Gerry if you were close, I would give you a hug!! My Mum used to bake a brown sugar cake with a meringue frosting, I have tried to find the recipe, but no luck until today!! I experimented with your recipe, I divided the batter and baked half with the added spices (reduced the amounts by half) and the balance without, used 2 x 8" pans. I covered both with the meringue topping; I adjusted the baking time accordingly. I used chopped pecans to replace the walnuts. Now, time to sample the cakes - the texture and taste of your cake is deeeelicious!! Then I tasted the other cake (no spices) and immediately I could taste Mum's cake!! I almost cried with joy!! Thanks Gerry, for a great recipe and for ending my search for Mum's recipe! I will definitely bake this cake again, with and without spices, it a nice moist flavourful cake! Hugs to you!

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Elly in Canada June 22, 2008
Toasted Nut Spice Cake