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This is a FANTASTIC recipe I had made for the first time on the 27th of last month:) Not a single grain of this remained. My picky brother made sure this becomes a regular on our table(It's another thing that I'm cheating on his orders), lol.. I did substitute the chicken stock with 'Maggi vegetable broth with onions' that I prepared by dissolving 2 cubes of the same in 4 cups of water and brought it to boil, then used as stated in the recipe. I did not have cilantro or parsley at home, unfortunately, so I used fresh corriander leaves and fresh celery instead. I used oregano(dried) for marjoram(as when I clicked on "marjoram", Zaar said that it's actually oregano! I was thrilled to read that because I had oregano on hand). My house was smelling of garlic from one end to the other, and mmm, boy it smelt incredible! I did not use any salt(as broth contains salt already) or pepper. This rice "has to" be served "hot" to be enjoyed best. I "loved" the taste of the garlic and oregano the most in this. "It is a meal on its own and a great one at that" is what my family and our guests commented.

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Charishma_Ramchandani March 28, 2003

we all liked this light fluffy rice. and the lime zest and fresh herbs made it look pretty.i used basmati, and fresh lime juice, parsley and basil.

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chia March 30, 2003

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet! I have made this a a couple times. I made two double batches both times for a big crowd. I love the flavor. I always do a bit less garlic and a lot more lime juice. We use this for our cafe rio copycat salads. The recipe is a bit time consuming with all the fresh herbs to cut, but it sure tastes great. Thanks for a tasty recipe.

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ILikeSweets June 02, 2013

Delicious rice! I used basmati and loved the combination of all of the fresh herbs. I did have to use dried marjoram, however since I couldn't find fresh. The lime zest adds a nice zing to this. Thanks for another winner, Bev.

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lazyme February 11, 2007

We have made this many times. We usually use 6 cloves of garlic and dryed herbs. The lime flavor is sooooo good. Great Recipe! Thank you.

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Milissa-t January 29, 2007
Toasted Garlic Rice with Herbs and Lime