Toadstool Salad (For Kids!)

READY IN: 15mins
Recipe by sams1

A really cool salad I made as a kid. Really easy and a great way to make salad fun! Recipe comes from "step by step easy cooking for boys and girls" - my first cook book!

Top Review by Ilysse

This is a very cute idea. I made this for DH with sandwiches last night. He thought I was nuts b4, now I've removed all doubt LOL. What a great way to get kids to eat salad BTW. You could also add some broccoli as trees or little bushes and if you have the patience you could cut raddishes, bell peppers and carrots into little flowers. It helps to hollow out the tomato b4 trying to place it on the egg. I used arugula as my base and tossed it with EVOO and wht wine vin b4 placing my toadstools and carrot flowers. Great fun...don't overlook this for dinner parties either, its a great converstation piece and everyone will think you are so creative. Thanks for posting.


  1. Boil eggs until hard boiled.
  2. Place eggs in cold water and then shell.
  3. Slice top and bottom from egg so it can stand up.
  4. shred lettuce finely and put on plate.
  5. Peel cucumer, slice finely and place on top of lettuce.
  6. Stand the eggs on bed of lettuce and cucumber.
  7. Place 1/2 tomato on top of each egg.
  8. Dot mayonnaise on tomato halves to look like toadstools.
  9. (toothpicks to hold the tomato and eggs together sometimes helps).

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