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These are to die for! I've made them several times and always have rave reviews and requests for the recipe. It's Red, White & Green for Christmas! I double the recipe. I boil whole red potatoes (2- 3lb. bags) in a stock pot and then drain them and mash them right in the pot with the skins still on. Then I mash the other ingredients into them. I add extra garlic, chives, marjoram, green onions & bacon bits (hormel real crumbled picnic bacon). I add some cream along with the milk and more sour cream until it's extra creamy. I put it into a removable crock from my crock pot and refrigerate it until 1-2 hours before the event. Then I bake it at 350 until heated through. I bring it to the event, put it into the crockpot set on low, dot it with butter and paprika & Wowee, it all disappears! Yummy! Thank you for this recipe.

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Engrossed November 13, 2006

Brilliant recipe - very tasty and creamy. Best part was being able to make earlier in the day along with the turkey stuffing and then letting them stay piping hot in the slow cooker until Christmas dinner was ready to be served. Added a bit of butter just before serving - still smooth and creamy even after hours on warm in the slow cooker. Made my day in the kitchen so much easier - thank you!

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Beautiful BC December 27, 2010

These are the most AMAZING tasting mashed potatoes and perfect to make when having company over. I made these (along with my hubby :) ) in the morning around 10am and put them in the crock pot on the warm setting all day. They formed a nice crust on top, but underneath they were nice and moist. Just before serving around 8pm, I put a dab of butter on top, stirred them, and whola! I actually put them in a serving bowl w/ a lid, and they stayed on the table for about 15 minutes before eating them, and they were still piping hot. Everyone was in awe!

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benvens1 January 31, 2010

My family loves mashed potatoes! One could say they are connoisseurs as they are very picky on the type and "add-ins" for the potatoes. I was a little nervous trying this but because I was going to be under a time crunch for preparation, I decided to give it a whirl. First off, I didn't tell anyone I was doing anything different to see if I could get a reaction. I didn't want to taint their views by knowing they are trying a new recipe. I just put it out there just like every year. They were delicious!! Making them in the crock pot is brilliant as these are always the last thing I prepare for any meal. Using the crock pot enables me to prepare them ahead of time and then not take time away from the guests/family right before meal time. I prepared them the night before exactly as written in the recipe. The next morning, I plugged in the crock pot. I was afraid they might be dry so I added a thin layer of chicken broth (about 1/2 inch) on top. As the potatoes warmed, I stirred in the broth. I would caution those who aren't onion/chive fans. This has a strong onion flavor. If you rather not have the onion, just use plain cream cheese.

This is our new staple for mashed potatoes. I must admit that I am not crazy with the added calories but the taste is outstanding! Thanks for sharing!

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rnmommy02 December 27, 2010

Absolutely delicious, thanks for sharing it. Like most cooks, I "fiddled" with it. Used half plain cream cheese and half garlic/herb, both fat free. I also added the salt while cooking the potatoes rather than after. I omitted the garlic, green onions and bacon. I added about 1/4 cup hot milk and another knob of butter before stirring and serving. Still got a thumbs up from the whole family. I also used one of those crock pot liners to make an even easier clean up. My other make ahead potato recipes have now been discarded. This is a keeper.

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Hedda Lettuce in Ontario February 09, 2010

Made these today for Thanksgiving dinner and everyone was asking for the recipe. Made a few modifications to the recipe which turned out in our favor. Omitted chives, green onions, marjoram, and onion powder since the 8 oz of chive cream cheese provided plenty of onion taste. We added another 4 tablespoons of butter to help soften the onion taste and it turned out perfectly. After making the mashed potatoes, we put them into the crock pot with liner and cooked at high for 2.5 hours and low for .5 hours. YUM.

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rickandemilyprice November 25, 2010

Made these for Thanksgiving as an experiment for a work potluck next month, only omitting bacon (purposely) & green onions (forgot). WONDERFUL! I was afraid 3-1/2 hrs in a low slowcooker might burn them, so I did stir every hour or so, but they came out perfect. Thank you!

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DeniseMB November 26, 2010

Delicious! And definitely company-worthy. I followed the recipe as listed (didn't peel potatoes), minus the marjoram and bacon. They were a hit at Thanksgiving and so easy to make. I did have to add a few extra potatoes at the end because they were a little too creamy at first. I love that they can be made ahead and reheated in a crockpot. I'll be making them again in a few weeks for a potluck at work. Thanks for the recipe!

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ladybug810 November 29, 2009

These are fantastic. I peeled the potatoes the day before,kept them in the fridge in water,cooked them the following morning mixed them and then kept them in the crock pot,and turned on the crockpot a couple of hrs. before the meal to reheat a bit. I skipped the chives and the bacon. This recipe is placed in my Tried and true cookbook. Thank you so much for a wonderful recipe.

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Dotty2 December 19, 2004

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This is a life saver recipe. I had a holiday lunch at work this past Monday and since I live about 30 mins away from my office, I needed something that I could keep warm in a crockpot. I made these mashed potatoes the night before omitting the marjoram, bacon and paprika and put it the fridge. The next morning I took my crockpot to work and plugged it in. Right before serving I placed some butter on top, stirred it and added it to the buffet table. Everyone loved it! Thank you for making me look so good.

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Renee Ferraz November 24, 2004
To Die for Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes