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This meal is heaven in a crockpot!!! We loved it. Not too salty, not too bland and very flavorful. I added a bag of baby carrots, 5 potatoes cut up, and an onion. I used a little extra water too. I put it in at 11 in the morning, left it on high, and it was falling apart by 6. Very easy, delicious and hearty meal. I will recommend this to everyone. Thank you for this awesome recipe!

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lacysue31102 December 16, 2010

Wonderful Roast Beef! I sprinkled all the packets into the empty crock pot, then added 2 cups of hot water an stirred it well to get rid of the lumps. I always brown my roast with vinegar and butter then add it to the crock pot, add more water to get itto cover the meat, then I cover that with aluminum foil to keep the moisture low and put the lid on. Cooked it on high for about 9 hours and it was fall apart, tender and perfect. The whole family raved about it. It's so nice to just let it cook all day then I can tend to other things in the afternoon rather than work in the kitchen!

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daniellern76 December 14, 2010

I just got a crock pot for christmas 2010, and wanted to make something good for my first crock pot recipe for new years. I bought a 3.5 lbs Chuck Roast and when i put all the packets of seasonings in a bowl i thought hmm thats alot of seasonings for this meat but o well i rubbed it down and browned the meat on all sides put, potatoes, carrots, celery, and red bell peppers on the bottom of the crock pot poured a little seasoning mix on the veggies put the half cup of water then placed the meat on top and poured the rest of the seasoning mix on the meat again. Well OMG the aroma of this cooking was so mouth watering i had to leave my house and come back when it was ready! I Took it the new years party and nothing but compliments and everyone was impressed as well as myself 5 stars deserved!!!

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cam1l1e January 05, 2011

lets keep this simple. FANTASTIC.
just add an extra cup of water, some fresh warm bread and get ready to moan out loud.

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jpsulkis December 18, 2010

Excellent flavor and very easy to do. I made it with a really tough cut of beef that I had purchased on sale. It turned out fork tender. My family didn't find it too salty at all. We loved it the first time as it was written, and the second time used red wine instead of water and liked it even better. My daughter-in-law asked for the recipe so I'm SURE it was a hit with her. In any case, there weren't ANY leftovers.

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mollypaul January 02, 2003

Well another 5 star for the superb roast! I followed Lennie and Miller and used the ingredients first as a dry rub then poured the rest in. My only mistake was I should of used all of the ranch dressing. I had a 3lb. roast and the flavor was still excellent but adding all the ranch wouldn't have hurt. DH was eating some last night at midnight :-) I also threw in some carrots and celery about 2 hours before the roast was done. The gravy was fantastic and I served it over mashed potatoes. Great dinner!!!

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Dana-MMH July 25, 2002

Yummy!! Thanks for sharing! I read through the other reviews and decided on the 2 - 1oz. packages of brown gravy, 1 - 1oz package of dry ranch mix, and 1- 3/4oz. package of dry italian mix. Added carrots from beginning and added peeled potatoes (cut in half) 4 hours before done. Cooked on low from 8am to 6pm. Turned out great!! Thanks for the recipe!

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j_carpenter May 15, 2011

It really is "to die for".....I didn't have dried italian dressing mix so exchanged to 1/2 package of dried onion soup mix Added baby carrots and 4 small cut-up potatoes. Thickened the broth with cornstarch mixture for delicious gravy.

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mary7648_11480414 December 22, 2010

I've made this several times and actually never found it too salty when I used all the seasoning packets. I use baby carrots, little red potatoes, pearl onions, and a 4-5 lb roast and never had a problem with saltiness. To each their own, but I think using all those veggies compensates for the extra salt. Make this with a loaf of crusty bread, and it's the perfect cool weather meal. Love this recipe!

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jennyonthespot October 30, 2010

i know this has been given so many rave reviews but i just had to write in and say thank you thank you THANK YOU for this amazing recipe!!i have been married for a year (and therefore, cooking for a year :) ) and had yet to find the perfect meat recipe when i stumbled upon this one...i actually used steak rather than a roast and crossed my fingers hoping it would work out before i divorced myself from cooking meat forever...i separated the meat from the fat and bones and then put it in the pot along with about 8 potatoes cut in half, 4 cloves of garlic and an onion cut into quarters. i put in all the ingredients with a bit more water than the recipe stated and cooked it for about 10 hours on low...my entire apartment smelled incredible and my husband and I were looking forward to dinner..it was everything we thought it would be!!!i separated the layers of the onions and spread them around evenly before doling out generous portions for my family and guests....delicious!!!the potatoes were incredible (i used red ones) and had absorbed all of the flavor from the meat and seasoning...it was amazing!thank you again for posting this..i will DEFINITELY cook it again!!!

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Elana in New York August 01, 2010
To Die for Crock Pot Roast