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Sorry, I'm afraid I was terribly disappointed by this one! After reading all the reviews, I was anticipating something great, but what I got was mediocre at best. I followed the recipe closely, using the full seasoning amounts listed, but I added a tad bit more water since I had a large roast. After the roast was done, I thickened the seasoned gravy with a bit of flour and cooked it on the stove in a separate saucepan. The result: a dry roast with lackluster gravy that had no flavor remaining from the Italian seasoning and Ranch dressing. I would have been better off just using the gravy mix and the pan juices to make a gravy and forgetting the Ranch and Italian seasonings all together. Even the family agreed to forget this one! Last night's dinner was exceptional: Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Basil. I'll post the recipe!

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miss gracie January 05, 2003

They don't come much easier than this. It was the perfect Sunday dinner. My DH hates roast and until now there was only one recipe for roast that he would eat. After cooking for him for almost 20 years, I can finally add a second. Thanks for posting this one.

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Mysterygirl June 10, 2002

Being a single guy, this is right up my alley! Thanx! :)

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*OzMan* May 04, 2002

I was so anxious to try this after reading all the great reviews, but...I wasn't very impressed. I feel like maybe I did something wrong, but in this recipe there aren't many possibilities of doing that. I put some halved carrots and yukon gold potatoes on the bottom, then the roast, (and it wasn't a cheap one) then a quartered onion on top. I sprinkled half the mix on top, mixed the rest with 3/4 c water--thought I might need extra because of the vegetables- and poured it over. 9 hours low heat. I wound up with a not substantially tender roast and lots of watery broth. I thickened the broth with some browned flour, and it was all good, not great. For a pot roast I would stick to the one baked in foil in the Betty Crocker cookbook.

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Marji August 05, 2002

I've tried various crock pot recipes for pot roast, and this one tastes pretty much as good as any of them, but takes the least amount of effort. That makes it a 5-star recipe.

Thankfully I read a few of the previous reviews that said to go easy on the dressing, and I did as well. My grocery store had 1.5oz packets of brown gravy, 1oz packets of ranch, and 3/4oz packets of Italian seasoning, and I think it turned out just about right with that mix. The ranch gave it a slightly tangy taste, somewhat unusual for brown gravy but not bad. I'm sure if you wanted to experiment with different seasoning packets it would be fine.

A few words about modifying the recipe: It seemed like a waste not to have vegetables with this, and I initially thought about putting them in an aluminum foil packet on top of the roast so they wouldn't turn out so mushy - this is a trick I learned from an America's Test Kitchen recipe. In the end, I did it even easier than that. 1 pound of carrots, peeled and cut into sections, and about 2 pounds red potatoes, scrubbed clean and sliced in half. I added the carrots at around the roast right at the beginning (8 in the morning before leaving for work) along with about 3/4 cups of water (instead of the called-for 1/2 cup). My wife added the potatoes around 3pm. She was worried that there wasn't a whole lot of water in the pot, but I told her to just put them cut-side down as best she could - they'd steam partially submerged. The vegetables ended up perfectly done at 6. The potatoes had some "bite" to them and weren't too mushy.

As far as thickening the gravy is concerned: Here's a fool-proof way I've learned from a chef: Mix about 1 cup of flour with 3/4 cups of vegetable oil and make a blonde roux. Let cool, then use a 1 Tbsp measure to distribute into an ice cube tray. Freeze, then put in a zip-loc bag in the freezer. Voila - you have instant roux any time you want to thicken a gravy. 2-3 of the cubes did the trick here after I added some more water to make a total of 2 cups of delicious gravy.

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Zhukov May 03, 2011

I used a 3 lb chuck roast. After reading the sodium content on the 3 packets, I smelled each one and the one that smelled saltiest was the italian so that is the one I cut in half. I have a larger crockpot so I used about 1.5 cups water. Oh I did use half the mix as a dry rub on both sides and mixed the other half with the water. I cooked on low for 5 hours then took out the roast and added 6 peeled and halved potatoes, and a 1lb bag peeled carrots. I put the roast on top of all the veggies and turned it to high for 2 more hours. The roast for that last 2 hours wasn't even in the liquid anymore because being on top of the veggies which were about 80% submerged. It came out perfect. Not too salty. Still very juicy. The veggies absorbed alot of flavor. Next time I will get a larger roast. Thanks for posting this simple tasty recipe.

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Scott Keith September 16, 2002

I have a 5 qt. crockpot and used a 5lb. boneless chuck roast, which I cut into smaller chunks to fit better in the pot. I added carrots and potatoes to the bottom and sides of the pot and used all of the seasonings( I rubbed half of them directly onto the meat as some reviewers said and sprinkled the rest over it.) I also added a little more water to cover the meat a bit more. I cooked this for 9 hours and the results were a very tender roast and not at all salty. I thickened the gravy like recommended.To do this I removed the meat and vegs, added a corn starch and water mix to the pot and it was great! My whole family loved this meal and it's a keeper! Thank You Yooper for this great recipe!

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Linda D August 28, 2002

Wow - I now understand what all the excitement is over this recipe! It is absolutely wonderful. I've been making pot roasts for 30 years and this is by far the most flavorful one I've ever made (or eaten for that matter). I don't have a crock pot so I used a pyrex dish, increased the water to one cup and baked at 325 for three hours. Wish there were more than 5 stars to award this one!

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SuzieQue July 26, 2002

I used a small, cheap roast and it turned out wonderful. I didn't change a thing. My husband even raved about it...and he's picky. Great flavor! Thanks for sharing.

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chris brossard July 09, 2002

I've never had a roast turn out so well in the crockpot. This was very tasty. I put potatoes on the bottom and the roast on top. Very easy dinner. I will be making this again~~love the combination of the seasonings.

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Shari2 July 03, 2002
To Die for Crock Pot Roast