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Made this tonight and it got a thumbs up from DD. I used Campbells Cream of Mushroom with Roasted Garlic Soup and added some diced onion as well. The gravy was actually a bit too thick so I added nearly a cup of milk at the very end to loosen it up a bit. Turned out perfect. Served it over mashed potatoes and just broke the pork chops up in the gravy. Next time, I will cut back to about 2/3 a block of cream cheese and add sliced mushrooms as well.

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MatahnasMom May 12, 2010

Made this last night in the crockpot. Wonderful!! I did add potatoes, which were good. I had talked to my mom earlier and gave her the recipe b/c she is moving & needed something easy. She used her oven,minus the potatoes, & covered it in foil. She baked it for 1 1/2 hours & then ate it over spaghetti. She said the pork chops were falling apart. My only suggestion is to add water to the sauce to loosen it up a tad (it will cook off). We both will be making this again!!

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kellychris May 19, 2010

Made these the other night, it was a HIT! I admit, I was worried about the cream cheese, but, WOW! I also added sliced onions. Very tasty and will make again! thank you for posting!

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Lyssie71 May 10, 2009

We love this recipe. The pork chops are very tender. You can cut them with a fork. The gravy is so tasty, I want to lick my plate! We serve these with mashed potatoes (with a huge spoonful of the gravy on top!). To die for!!

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ekatielarson February 17, 2011

Fork Tender is right! These are very good. I like the gravy the best. spooned it over the chops and potatoes. We will make often. Thanks for sharing

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Mandy ny February 08, 2011

Mediocre. The sauce is too powerful and there's too much of it to enjoy. I was tasting cream cheese for hours afterwards. Perhaps with just a bit of the sauce and more pork chops it would be better. However, my very picky 2 year old liked it well enough to eat several bites after an initial protest. It really is more of a "kids" taste on the pork chops. It does make a nice sauce over rice for us "starch addicts," but I won't be making it again.

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Pamela B. January 23, 2009

I am making this for the second time this month. My whole family ate this the first time. Ok, so I had to scrape the sauce off of super picky DS's so he could put ketchup on it. My DH doesn't like pork and the kids kind of follow his lead when he really doesn't like something. DD thought it was chicken so I let her believe it which lead the others to think it. When they were done I asked them to rate it. 4 stars. Then I told them it was pork. DH knocked it down to 3 stars. Lol! He came back about an hour later and gave it 4-5 stars. The 5th was because it was pork and he ate it and liked it. It did make more sauce than we needed. This time I threw in a few extra thin chops since we have 3 extra eating with us tonight. I served it over noodles last time and I think that's the way I will always make it. Thank you for the rare recipe that my whole family eat.

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cookee monster January 23, 2012

Very, very good! and Easy! I made these a few weeks ago. I added an extra can of mushrooms, because we like those, and served with egg noodles. Rave reviews from the whole family. I am making them again tonight!

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PuzzledOne April 27, 2009

This recipe was tasty and VERY simple. I used cream of celery instead of mushroom and as suggested added sliced potatoes and onions to the bottom of the pot, covered with soup mixture, and then added the chops. They were very tender and while not a "five star" recipe, i will definately fix again. My three year old absolutely LOVED this dish, and anything she will eat well is a keeper in my book.

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CaneCorsoMom March 01, 2009

Made these for dinner last nite and they were absolutely AMAZING!! Threw in the crockpot for about 7 hours on low and they were falling apart tender!! Made recipe as stated and also threw in half a white onion and a can of chopped mushrooms as well. Everyone said they want this again on next weeks menu!! Served over mashed potatoes with steamed brocolli spears on the side! Thanks for a great recipe!!

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Niteflyer February 09, 2014
To Die for Crock Pot Pork Chops