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I had houseguests (1 vegan-ish, 1 not) and they both really enjoyed this recipe. The only change I made was to replace the cheese with vegan cheese. I will definitely make this again because it is easy, delicious, and healthy! Next time I will add the cilantro after cooking, though, because I don't really like it wilted.

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Prose January 07, 2008

So easy and so good!! I used canned beans and added a bit of red pepper in with the garlic and onion...I had whole wheat tortillas on hand, some low-fat mozzarella string chesse snack sticks around... and because I love cabbage and "drink" it everyday, (I'm a big juicer fan) I piled it on and loved the extra crunch it added. I'll be sure to include the cilantro next time to further the textural fun!! (I also would LOVE it with goat cheese or feta; this time I just made it spur of the moment with what was available!!)) Just as easy as dialing up for a take out meal, but so much better for you!! This will be another new regular for my menu that my friend - Kumquat the Cat's friend - has introduced me to!!! A wonderful recipe - THANKS!!

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free-free July 06, 2007
Tlayuda With Black Bean Puree (Aka Mexican Unpizza)