Tla (Tomato, Lettuce, Avocado Sandwich)

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Total Time
5 mins
0 mins avocados.

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  1. Spread one slice of toast with mayo, sprinkle with salt and pepper if desired.
  2. Top with lettuce, then tomatoes, then avocados, then the last slice of bread.
  3. Take a big bite, and enjoy!
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So excellent! I like the bread toasted first the way you describe. But I put more avocado on mine. Also try substituting sprouts once in a while for the lettuce if you enjoy the taste of sprouts. I also like to add provolone cheese or cream cheese to this sandwich. Thanks for posting, swimmer175, I adore this sandwich!

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This is an awesome sandwich! After I tried this recipe I made the same sandwich and added some crisp bacon. That was good too! I like your recipes. Thanks for posting them.