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Truly excellent! I doubled the recipe to use my whole pack of filo and have frozen 2/3rds. The texture of the filling was glorious. I used ricotta, swiss cheese and Australian Feta. I forgot the parsley and mint, but I cannot imagine these being any better really! We had these for dinner with veggies, but I can imagine them at a cocktail party, so cute and elegant.

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Sassy Syrah April 17, 2004

Tasted great, but definately a labor of love type food! Made it for DH...a memory food. I told him next time he wanted these he'd have to go to buy them...LOL! Thanks!

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Heartspell June 27, 2011

I made them last night to used up my cottage cheese and phyllo, but then WOW.... I wasn't expecting a great recipe such as this. My boyfriend who is a cheese lover was so delightful by the crispiness of the phyllo and with the right combination of cheese and the mint, plus the sesame. Thanks you so much for sharing this. My only question is ..can I reheat it after a day or two of storing in the fridge? Will it affect the texture of the phyllo?

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Chef Netteski March 22, 2009

Wonderful. We loved the cheese filling with peppermint and parsley. The peppermint add such a delicate fresh note. And the filo was wonderful crispy and airy. I have used goat milk feta and a very good emmentaler together with a very mild cottage cheese. The quality of the cheese make the filling. I have used peppermint from our own garden - a great use. And the sesme seeds adds such a nice nutty flavour. We loved the Tiropitakia warm and cold. Can be made in advance for a large numnber of guests, Thanks for sharing this keeper.

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Thorsten May 15, 2006
Tiropitakia (Miniature Greek Cheese Pies)