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This was a delicious recipe. It was not difficult, but everyone thought it was so extravagant. Thank you for sharing. I did find that I had to be careful not to overbeat the frosting. The cream started to turn into butter.

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Crisci March 16, 2008

Made this for. A friend's retirement dinner and it was wonderful. One friend said it was the best cake she'd ever had. I made as directed except I didn't have Kailua but did have Kailua coffee.

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Laura B. November 26, 2013

I can't begin to tell you how good this cake is and how elegant it shows. First of all I have to admit to making soooo many mistakes. Must have been tired or something as I didn't read the instructions clear but even with all the mistakes it was great and not a piece was left over from the party I served it at. The flavors of the Kahlua and coffee was so good, and the cake itself was so moist then the whipped cream frosting just put it over the top. It did take a lot of effort - but oh so worth it Some of my mistakes was right from the beginning; looked at the ingredients before the directions (don't do that my friends) put them all in the mixer and then two cake pans Well, soon discovered the coffee and Kahlua was to be saved for later - opps #1; then read further on and opps #2 - there's supposed to be a third chocolate layer. Oh well, then the big opps #3 for some reason my brain thought I'd seen CREAM cheese in the frosting and NOT only heavy cream, yikes - at this point thought of just throwing it out but I'm stubborn, so just added the heavy cream and whipped the heck out of it. Surprise - the frosting was AWESOME, dodged a bullet with that one. Then with jsut TWO layers put it togheter as instructed and it was lovely. So even with all my mistakes got a ton of compliments and was so proud of it, showing that this is a very forgiving recipe, if labor intensive. Can't wait to make it again, following the recipe and know it'll be even better. But in order not to mess up your photos - didn't put a picture of the cut slice as didn't want to show a two layer cake.

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Bonnie G #2 November 03, 2013

I have made this cake twice for birthdays - the first time for my husband's birthday and the second time at the request of my 16 year old daughter for her birthday. It is a wonderful recipe, please don't hesitate to try it! I followed all instructions as written and it has turned out perfectly both times. I used Duncan Hines white cake mix. Since the mix was spread out over 3 pans it took about 7 minutes less time to cook than the box suggested cooking time and I used dark, coated baking pans. I used 2 Nescafe instant coffee singles and while it gave me slightly more instant coffee than the recipe called for I don't feel like it had any negative impact on the cake. I did find that the instant coffee granules did not completely dissolve as another reviewer mentioned, but I let the mixture sit for about 10 minutes and then went back and mixed it up some more and it seemed to give the granules more time to break down. My kitchen-aid stand mixer was key to making the frosting because it does take a while to whip the cream into stiff peaks. I did put the mixing bowl in the freezer to chill it prior to adding the ingredients to make the frosting. Definitely heed the advice of the other reviewer to use a pastry brush to cover each layer with the coffee mixture - it worked like a charm! I started out trying to spoon it on and all it did was roll off the cake. I used a bamboo skewer to poke the holes in the cake instead of a toothpick, just to be sure that the coffee mixture made it's way down into the cake.<br/> I was worried because I had to keep the finished cake in the fridge on a glass dome covered cake plate over night before we even cut the first slice, but it was moist and absolutely delicious the next day and everyone loved it. Thank you for the recipe - it is a new family treasure!

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mcshannon2 October 18, 2013

Very easy to follow and extremely tasty. I did this for my husband's birthday and he loved it. The only difference that I made was for the frosting as I forgot to buy heavy cream...I had a can of plain yoghurt in hand and used it instead of the cream. It's healthier and tastes wonderfully good just the same.

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Venetrix January 09, 2013

Fabulous. Looked like a fancy cake from an expensive bakery. Tasted like a pastry chef made it. Wow!!!

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855420 December 30, 2012

This was amazing! Made it for Christmas and everyone loved it including the kids. Will definitely be making it again. Thanks.

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Sly April 07, 2012

I made this for Thanksgiving Dinner!! This is a GREAT recipe! It was so good and everyone raved about it. I had a little extra whipped cream...so next time i will put a heaping 1/2 cup of it in the filling and it was a good idea to use the brush for the coffee....Thank You for this fantastic recipe, I will use it often :)

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kathymicek November 24, 2011

This cake is absolutely fabulous! I made it for my family and everyone raved over it. Very light and tasty. My new favorite cake. Thank you for posting.

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Yankeefan December 15, 2009

I found my new favorite cake!!! It was wonderful and everyone thought so as well. I love how delicate the flavor of the icing and filling are, they come together nicely. I think I can use them as a base for other flavored cakes by leaving out the Kahlua and subbing with other flavors. Easy and elegant.

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cmusolf707 November 27, 2009
Tiramisu Layer Cake