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Served this last evening. for a "combined effort" dinner part for 9, in the planning stages of a trip to Sicily. Our friend's DIL had made this the week before, to high praise. After a REALLY big dinner, everyone said they couldn't possibly eat dessert. We explained it was very light -- and ALL plates were scraped clean ! There are many steps, but instructions are clear, and it went together very well. We were concerned about refrigerating without plastic wrap overnight, and decided to complete the recipe to the point of making the icing. We covered the bare cake with plastic, then covered with frosting (using 3/4 of recipe ), in the morning,and refrigerated til dinner time. It held up well and sliced easily. What a yummy finding ! Thanks so much for posting !!

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NurseJaney January 20, 2011

Delicious! I lost a bit of the reserved coffee mixture as it ran down the cake sides when I was trying to spoon it onto the cake - and then realized I could brush it on with a pastry brush instead! Worked like a charm and allowed me to coat the cake layers! This recipe is so easy and yet, so elegant!

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quikgourmet March 24, 2010

This cake has beautiful presentation and tastes out of this world delicious. It is a little expensive, 8oz Mascarpone cheese is 5.95 here in Georgia, but oh my gosh is it worth it. I agree with the other reviewers, Do not be afraid of all the steps it is very easy. Because we like that strong coffee flavor I added a tablespoon of instant coffee to the 1/2 cup of coffee and 3 tablespoons of Kahlua mixture. Thanks for a beautiful delicious cake that would surely impress anyone.

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LB in Middle Georgia April 16, 2009

Holy moly this is good! Easy but looks impressive. Couple of notes... the instant coffee didn't really dissolve in the cake so it came out flecked looking... but it actually looked pretty that way so this is not at all a complaint but merely an observation. I used a coffee liquor vs. actual Kahlua as the Kahlua was 3 or 4 times more expensive. Also, I had a ton of the "frosting" left over. It seemed to make a lot and I could not get it all on the cake no matter how determined I might be. The cake, despite the caloric content of the heavy cream and mascarpone, was decidedly light. It had a marvelous flavor and texture and a beautiful look to it. Thanks for sharing!

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GSCook March 08, 2010

We recently attended an Italian themed dinner party and I made this cake. It was the hit of the dinner party (and the hosts were Italian)! It was easy to make, looked fantastic and was delicious. What more could you ask? A definite keeper.

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Kaytie Did August 19, 2009

I tried it and it is fantabulous!!! I got rave reviews. My BF said I out did myself! It definitely looks harder than it is. Next time I will fold in only 1/4 of the frosting as I'd like to have more frosting left for the top. I left it in the fridge overnight and well into the next day and took it out to reach room temp about 2 hours before my guests arrived. Absolutely, hands down an excellent cake!! I will definitely make this again and again!

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ITRIEDIT May 21, 2009

This cake is very pretty and tastes fantastic!!! It's fairly easy to make but there are quite a few steps. Mine looked exactly like the one pictured. I only drizzled the coffee on the bottom layer and it turned out very tasty. I can see that this cake would be a hit for any special occasion....

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deLovelyAly May 11, 2009

I don't know how you can mess this up! Mine definently came out looking.. well.. not as pretty as the picture :) I didn't have a round pan, but had a big rectangular one and a square one, so I adjusted. Did the rest according to plan with homemade Kahlua. WOW. I also used a substitute recipe for the mascarpone as it's so costly. Next time I will use a bit more Kahlua. THANKS!

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somebodys_sweet_pea January 22, 2009

yum! really easy to make. i made the layers in a toaster oven because my oven was acting up. didnt think it would work - but it did! followed the recipe exactly and enjoyed it immensely. it is a light cake and was gone in a flash. rave reviews all around! the cake is beautiful and very moist. thanks so much!!

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chungry1 July 28, 2008

I made this for a dinner party we had last night. I made it the night before as someone had suggested and it was AMAZING! Definitely what we call a "keeper" recipe! I used the subsitute for mascarpone cheese since I could not find any at the store and it worked and tasted wonderful also. The cake has a lot of steps but it was all worth it. I said it was gorgeous and my daughter said it looked "gourmet." But my main concern was the flavor -- it had to taste as good as it looked! WEll it definitely did, and then some!!! Awesome recipe -- I recommend it highly for anyone who loves tiramisu : )

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Chef Travelkat July 19, 2008
Tiramisu Layer Cake