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This is a fabulous recipe, and surprisingly uncomplicated! Took me about 45 minutes start to finish. The only problems: the recipe makes too much frosting (I think I'll halve it next time), not enough espresso syrup for my coffee-drenched tastes. Also, this recipe makes 2 dozen cupcakes, NOT the 12 servings listed above. Thanks for sharing on zaar!

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GimlisGirl February 09, 2009

I agree, recipe makes 24 large cupcakes. I will review after we eat them :)
Update: The recipe is now correctly showing that it yields 24 cupcakes, I submitted a correction.
While I am not personally a fan of traditional tiramisu, I made these for my mother for Mother's Day. She loved them and said they tasted like tiramisu. The recipe was spot on for times and ingredients and was rather quick to put together. I'm not sure about the consistency of the frosting (I made it twice thinking the first attempt wasn't what the finished product should be, however, the second attempt was the same. It seem to have "broken" while whipping, if that makes sense?). I ended up mounding the topping onto the cupcakes with a small ice cream scoop which worked well. I dusted with dark chocolate cocoa powder and finished with shaved pieces of dark chocolate. Watch the espresso syrup closely while making, unattended, it could burn quickly!
I could see adding more syrup as it makes just barely enough for 24 cupcakes. Thanks for sharing!

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Larawithoutau May 15, 2012
Tiramisu Cupcakes