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I tried making this and it tastes GREAT. However, I had a terrible time with texture. The egg marscapone concoction was fine until I added the rum. Then it turned to a milk-like consistency. There was far too little whipped cream to help thicken, and as I folded it in all it did was break up into little wads of whipped cream floating in the rum/egg/cheese milk. I got the lady fingers perfect. But when I poured the cream mix in over the first and second layers the cookies floated on top of the cream. It was a nightmare. It ended up being wonderful tasting lady fingers at the top, a layer of cream beneath and milky liquid layer on the bottom. Very edible, but not too presentable. Next time I think I will put all the rum in the coffee mixture, after cutting that down to 1 cup. I threw more than 1/2 the coffee mixture away unused. Perhaps I will cut back a bit on the rum too as more than half the coffee rum went down the drain, yet the taste of rum was perfect. I will review more Tiramisu recipes before trying this again!

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td.foster September 09, 2015
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