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Great recipe, easy to make. I used 5 tbsp of amaretto in place of coffee liqueur, 4 tbsp of sugar in the egg yolk mix and 2 tsp of sugar in the whisked egg white mix. Next time I make this recipe, I will be more careful about how long I am dipping the lady finger cookies into the coffee/liquor. A swift dip will suffice for it to moisten over night because I found mine to be too soggy at serving time (though it didn't detract from the taste). Finally, I added a little bakers chocolate shavings into the marscapone mix. Prima!

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sunny_day September 23, 2002

Wonderful recipe~! I made this at the holidays and my guests just RAVED about it! I would definately make this one again.

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Mrs. Flick January 08, 2002

Great easy recipe! I substitutes 5 tbsp of brandy for the 3 tbsp coffee liquer. Thanks Diana, another winner

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Bergy November 08, 2001

Once again a great recipe by Chef Diana. I made this for our anniversary celebration and it was a sinfully rich, very easy to prepare and beautiful in presentation. Will definitely be making this again! Thanks Di!

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Just Cher November 19, 2002

I decided to get all brave and make this--damn the salmonella full speed ahead! If you had the patience of Job, I think you could whisk the sugar/yolks in a double boiler over extremely low heat to bring the temp up to 140 F. Likewise with the whites (like you are making a sabayon). But, again, patience of Job!!!
As to flavor--I punched it up per others' suggestions by adding extra sugar (double the amt. called for) Amaretto, almond extract, lots of extra chocolate.
Oh, and a final thing: my ladyfingers where the hard Italian ones--Sar..something I think they are called. Ina Garten talked about them on her show when she made Tiramisu...
ANYWAY--I liked the result.
Will post again if I get bad food poisoning! :-)

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KWB November 01, 2010

Searched the Internet extensively and it is NOT easy to find an EASY Tiramisu recipe! Usually, we use the one on the inside of the mascarpone lid, but we bought a different brand with no recipe. Make this if you want luscious, creamy tiramisu with none of the fancy flourishes. Cake? No way! This is the REAL deal! Made by my 15-year-old son, with absolutely no problem (it helps that he loves separating eggs...).

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Jay3fer November 21, 2009

Super Easy recipe...My 14 year old son made this for his Grand-Mother who's favorite dessert is Tiramisu. No one in the family had ever attempted to make it because we thought it would be too difficult. She loved it!...and she is a Tiramisu connoisseur.

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Tykayles August 24, 2009

Delicious!!! Made this for a little family barbeque of eight people, so I doubled the recipe and used a 9x13 glass dish to show off the layered effect. Good thing I doubled as there was one little piece left. Also more than doubled the Kahlua, as I think the amount used is individual taste. Voted a keeper by all!!!!!!!!!

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Rinder July 01, 2003

If you are concerned about salmonella, use pasteurized eggs, available at common grocery stores and labeled as such.<br/>Once the ingredients are assembled, it is a quick and easy recipe. I don't know why I've always been so intimidated by this desert. Love the specific instructions, really helped me to know what to look for when whipping egg yolks and then white. It does take a few minutes to whip or emulsify the yolk and sugar into a thick mixture before adding mascarpone cheese. After this step, wash the whisks and dry well before whipping the egg whites, impurities will make the egg white not rise, whip until stiff peaks form (when you lift the whisks the white creates a peak). Proportion was right on. I made exactly 1 cup of expresso and it was the perfect amount needed to soak the lady fingers with very little left over. Per the instructions, I used the 2 teaspoon of sugar in the yolk, and it tasted perfect. Rich, creamy and not too sweet. I've made another tiramisu recipe that included a cup of heavy whipping cream, but I thought that did not enhance the flavor or richness. Yum. Thank goodness the mascarpone cheese is so expensive, I won't be tempted to make this every week. Our whole family thank you for this awesome recipe.

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Nado2003 August 23, 2014

super easy and really really delicious. I used old strong coffee, but I think next time I will use espresso. Delectable, and I will definitely make it again!

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FoodieNJ August 13, 2012