Tippys Tasty Skillet Taters

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Recipe by hannahs dad

Not for those with heart disease or weak constitutions! This tasty skillet dish makes use of ingredients that make cardiologists shudder and vegans quake! I eyeball the seasonings so no exact measurements. These go great with grilled steak and make for some awesome breakfast taters the next day. Enjoy!

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  1. slice potatoes in any form you fancy keeping them a uniform size. place in cast iron skillet. cover taters with chopped onion and chopped peppers. drizzle the works with olive oil. add chopped garlic. cover with chopped bacon and quarter butter and add to the top of the mix.Eyeball salt,cracked pepper,paprika, and seasoning salt to your tastes. crack open your beer and enjoy it as great scents fill your kitchen. i also keep peeking in the stove as i like my potatoes a bit crisp. i would recommend checking in on them to meet your preference. While i can appreciate how this recipe may scare some off I would highly recommend you try it. It's tasty!

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