Tinga De Carnitas Gavacho

READY IN: 10hrs 30mins
Recipe by ROV Chef

This is the pork version of my Tinga De Pollo Gavacho. My wife an I prefer the pork over the chicken, but then again pork fat is one of the greatest culinary gifts God has given us, second only to Beer. Which, is called for in this remix, so use whatever you have on hand and would normally drink yourself. Last time I made this I used a bottle of Land Shark Lager. Since this is cooked in a crock pot, I like to do the meat ahead of time and let it cool, so it's easier to handle for shredding. On game day, I'll cook the veggie addition and add the pork to it to heat it up. Trust me, this sound like a lot of work and many days. But I started this Thursday afternoon, and ate it at a party Friday night. Which, I might add was loved by all. Like the pollo version, you can serve this on a flour tortillas with some jack cheese and sour cream. Oh, this stuff reheats real well, just toss some in a non-stick pan till it's hot and serve. Also good on nachos, and in a quesadilla. Cooking time includes the part where your sitting around doing other stuff while your poor little crock pot does all the work "unsupervised", but all the while making your house smell freaking awesome. Edited. Thanks for the review and pointing out the omission of the tomatoes. I just made this last week and I still am working on the leftovers.

Top Review by peony8702

OUTSTANDING!!! I have been obsessed with carnitas. I have been cooking several recipes trying to find the perfect recipe without cooking it the true old fashioned way with the lard:) Your recipe is in my top three and I have cooked at least 15 carnitas recipes. the flavor is very authentic and the addition of the vegetables, beer, adobo and peppers is the trick. You sound like you have fun cooking... that is the secret to a being a great cook:)

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  1. Dust off your crock pot and get it ready to cook all day, or over night, whichever you prefer for slow cooking. This does require a bit of commitment here, but there wont be any lawyers involved if it doesn't work out.
  2. Put the pork, the chicken stock, the canned tomatoes, and the beer in the crock. Yes it's alright if you want to take a swig first.
  3. Pull the stems off the dried peppers and try to get as many of the seeds out as you can. Then add them and six of the canned chipotle peppers to the crock.
  4. Take the garlic cloves and break them in half and add it to the party.
  5. Turn your crock pot to low and let it do it's thing for 8 hours. Not kidding here. you could go 12 hours if you get busy and forget about it. It wont get messed up.
  6. When the meat is done, remove it from the broth and set aside for shredding. You can do this hot or cold, it's your choice. I'm a wimp and I make this ahead of time so I shred when it's cold. You can Iron Man it if you want, but the end product will be the same either way.
  7. French your onions and cut the tomatillos into wedges just like you would a tomato, after removing the paper stuff from the outside of course, and don't forget that core.
  8. in your largest skillet, or even an electric skillet would work here, melt the butter and then add your onions. Sprinkle the salt over the onions to get those juices flowing.
  9. When your onions are dark in color and all gooy, (caramelized) add the tamatillos and let them cook down until they're soft.
  10. Puree up the rest of the canned chipotles with their wonderful sauce they're packed inches Add 2 tablespoons of the puree tot he onion mixture and stir to combine.
  11. Add the shredded pork to the onion mixture and mix it all up. keep stirring to get the meat reheated above 160 degrees.
  12. Now you have some kich a$$ Tinga Carnitas This is Gavacho approved. I recommend putting this over nachos. You'll never use ground beef again.

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