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This was a really fun recipe. I used jarred pasta meat sauce and made my own meatballs. I used way more cheese and also added mozzarella to the layers. I also used Italian bread crumbs. I baked this just a lil over 2 hours and let it sit upside down on the platter with the bowl on for a half hour. I removed the bowl and let it sit for another 15 minuste. PERFECT and still hot. I never had a problem with it falling apart. Letting it rest is the most important step. Edited to add, I used lots more sauce.. I wanna say over 3 cups. Next time, I'll ue even more. That will work if I make a wee thicker crust.

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Linajjac November 04, 2007

For my birthday, my mom and sister and I made this dish. It had been a dream of mine to make the dish from "Big Night" for years. My mom was nice enough to do all of the prep work (making the meatballs and sauces). Since it was my birthday, I got to assemble. We cheated and used prepared pie crusts (3 of the kind that come rolled up and refrigerated). We used a very large metal mixing bowl to bake the thing. Ours turned out quite a bit flatter but still delicious! We actually baked it for a little over 2 hours, and it was perfectly done. It was a lot of work but fun to do as a group. A must do at least once in a lifetime!

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AlwaysHungry March 11, 2007
Timpano Di Maccheroni (The Mythic Pasta Dome)