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I have a medium gray textured tile kitchen floor with a very light gray grout. Five years of grime, coffee, tea, etc. has left it pretty nasty looking. Found this recipe and thought I'd give it a try. And WOW! It not only works, but it works great! My floor now looks like it did when new. I submitted a picture of the floor half done to show the results. Hopefully it'll be approved and posted.
Thank you for a great recipe.

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Tumbleweeds January 19, 2012

Wow, I am stunned. Easy, inexpensive, and best of all - it works! I made 1/4 of a batch and put it in a well-rinsed Kaboom bottle. The Kaboom had never touched the soap scum, but this formula dissolved it in under a minute. I took a tip offered by another reviewer and added two drops of air freshener oil so the scent was pleasant. I'm never going back to those harsh chemicals that trigger my asthma and don't work well - this has just become *my* cleaner! Thanks so much for sharing.

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Kat's Mom March 26, 2010

I was skeptical, but not after I used the first batch!
1. This is the best floor cleaner I've ever tried; by a mile!
2. It got my stainless steel sinks absolutely gleaming with just a wipe
3. It renewed (actually lightened and deep cleaned) the ancient faux marble vanity tops in the bathroom
4. When I was done, I poured the bucket out in the toilet and it got that gleaming too!
5. I think I love you for sharing this 'recipe' :)

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Pam in the Kitchen April 14, 2012

A MILLION STARS - This is AWESOME! We are renting a house with old yucky kitchen tile. Throw in 2 yrs of living here with 3 kids and yucky grout!! I had tried a ton of products including an entire can of Scrubbing bubbles on just the grout and nothing even made a tiny dent. Now I have gone from black to white grout!!!!

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tamaraharp February 03, 2010

This cleaner concoction works very well. We went to ceramic tile throughout the house last year, and the only complaint I had was that the grout got grungy looking from kitchen spills, pets, etc. This really does the trick, I just sprayed it on the grout, once over with a scrub brush on a handle, and then went over it with my Hoover Floor Mate. The Floor Mate washes the tile, sucks up the washing water, and also the residue from the scrubbed grout. Before using the grout cleaner, the Floor Mate did a great job on the tile but didn't get down to the grout, and now it does, as the cleaner and brush loosens the dirt and grime, and I don't have to get down on my hands and knees. I also added 5-6 drops of essential lavender oil, and the lavender scent covers the ammonia/vinegar smell. I also tried this out on our toilets and it works as well as those harsh bathroom cleansers, much cheaper too. I wrote the recipe down on the side of the spray bottle with a Sharpie, too, so I wont have to try to remember or look it up next time I make it. Thanks so much for the recipe.
Amended 8-8-12.....although this works well on cleaning grout, my dogs started marking after I used it. I did some research, and the ammonia attracts the dogs to mark/pee. Just be aware if you have animals.

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TxGriffLover August 08, 2012

100 stars. . .ummm, can you say LIFE SAVER. You all will not believe this, but my hubby uses a LOT of Dial soap and that grease/soap scum has been lingering in our shower downstairs for about 4 years now as I try EVERY cleaning product on the market. Today out of desperation (because we need to re-grout it), I tried this recipe and didn't have any ammonia, but thought I might as well give it a whirl. . .it WORKED!!!! I so wish I would have taken before and after photos. This is fabulous and I will be using this from now on. You seriously made my day!!!! THANKS

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JanuaryBride June 29, 2009

This is a wonderful recipe, my light grey grout looks like new. I used a small toothbrush type wire brush and just wiped up the dirty solution. The only drawback is if you have a glazed shiney tile, the baking soda leaves a white haze on it that needs to be rinsed off. Well worth the trouble.

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cachs762 March 07, 2009

Ammonia is a base, vinegar an acid. Mixing these yields salt water that's either mildly basic or acidic depending on the strength of the ammonia and vinegar you use, but not like ocean salt. The salt in this case is Ammonium Acetate. Don't worry, it's not too dangerous, (don't drink it, the effects are similar to drinking ammonia), it's a mild irritant, and some countries label it as a safe food additive in small amounts. However, if you heat it up, at 329 F it starts breaking down into a carcinogen.

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Austin M. October 22, 2013

Simple Green works way better.

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bablock2_4924299 July 19, 2013

I have light blue & grey tile with silver grout and also made the BIG mistake of not having it sealed - AARRGH! So I am cleaning it now and will be sealing it myself when cleaned (all 4,000 sq ft!). I too have a Floormate & it just cannot get the grout clean (even with special grout brush attachments) when it gets too dirty - which is all the time with kids & lots of pets and a farmer husband. This stuff is FANTASTIC!!! Scrubbed with a grout brush with long handle from a janitorial store & rinsed with the Floormate. Halleluiah!!
BTW, to the lady with the dogs peeing - just rinse thoroughly after with straight vinegar or a vinegar water solution - usually you should not mix vinegar & ammonia in any cleaning solution because vinegar neutralizes ammonia - the combination turns into salt water (look it up - a chemist told me!). I tried it without the vinegar because I was concerned about that, but apparently the amount of baking soda eliminates that process in this recipe, and it did seem to rinse cleaner with the vinegar so I make the recipe as listed now.
Thank you JustaQT, you have saved much work, money & embarrassment over that ugly grout.

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Nanarocks August 21, 2012
Tile and Grout Cleaner