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This was really good. (Before I rate this any farther, I will just state that the recipe tells you how to make rice powder. I walked around the grocery store for an hour before I realized that!) I did everything according to the recipe except to leave out the red onion as my husband does not like onions. I ground the rice and the lemon pepper in my coffee grinder. This salad has a wonderful tang and spice that is truly addicting and it makes me very happy that this is such a healthy recipe.

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Flautatime February 12, 2009

Excellent salad. I made this using left over NY BBQ'd steak. I made dressing and salad as written and added sprouts. Wonderful for a hot summer day.

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adopt a greyhound August 30, 2011

This was an amazing dish. My family loves Thai food and this salad tasted just like the ones we order in the resturants!!! I make it with fresh spring rolls and a dipping sauce. It is the best summer meal and so healthy!!! Thanks so much for posting!

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Smurfette the Chef April 02, 2009

Followed the recipe for the most part except that my flank steak was already cooked. I had some leftovers, very rare, and I sliced them up very thinly, made the marinade as it appears, and put the already cooked slices in the marinade for about one hour. I then followed the rest of the recipe and when I was ready for the beef, I broiled the sliced meat in the marinade under a hot broiler for about 5 minutes until the meat was sizzling and the garlic was just beginning to turn brown. I ran out of lime juice for the dressing so I used half lime juice and half lemon juice with great results. Couldn't find palm sugar(what the heck is it anyway! and where do you get it???) so just used regular white sugar. I also didn't have serrano peppers, but had home grown which are so much hotter that I only used one and it was scorching hot!!!!! Used the lemongrass concentrate from the tube purchased in the produce aisle which another review had used and was pleasantly surprised. Also, last but not least, didn't do the rice powder as I had never heard of it before and couldn't find it at two major markets. Didn't miss it at all!!! Instead of the lemon slices, I used grated lemon peel from one whole lemon which I think added something extra. My cucumber wasn't fresh so I didn't use that either. Even with all those changes, we really enjoyed this salad. Exactly what we pay for at our local Thai restaurant and we thought this was even better. Next time will try it with shrimp!!

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Sauce Lover September 10, 2008

I have a salad obession, and as a result have tried a lot of different salads. THIS salad is (without a doubt) in the Top 3 Salads that I've ever had - restaurant or home. This is *AMAZING*! My notes: **Fresh lime juice is a must. **I used 4 serrano peppers and it was perfect spicy for me, however I would guess 3 peppers would be enough for most groups of people. **My grocer didn't have lemongrass when I went, so I used about 2 - 3 tsps of the squeeze tube version that can be found in the refrigerated herb section of many grocery stores. **I didn't even notice the instructions actually included how to make rice powder.. and I couldn't find it in the spice section so my dressing didn't include it. I will add it next time and see what difference it makes. **I used beef tenderloin fillets about 2 - 3" thick. I didn't plan ahead, so my meat marinated for about 90 minutes and came out A-OK. I then broiled the steaks for 3-5 minutes for a rare center. **To tone-down DH's dressing, I added a little sesame oil, which he liked. **I also added fresh green snap peas to my salad b/c I had some and really like them! Thank you SOOOO much ThaiSnob for a salad I'm looking forward to making again, and again, and again ... ....

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AKillian24 October 04, 2007

Pretty good! I'm not a big fan of beef, but this sounded so good... I like it really hot, and I used 6 peppers. It is really hot, even for me. I suggest starting at 3 and working your way up, to taste. The mint is so nice in here. Thanks for the recipe.

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MissAli May 02, 2007

This steak recipe is the best! It is my husband absolute favorite. I've had this before but never could replicate until now, thank you so much!

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passiblue September 04, 2006

lovely dish. I sliced the beef thinner ( around 2mm ) and its even better. hanx for the tips

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foodcrazee July 24, 2005

Loved this recipe, I did use a much hotter chili than recommended and suffered a bit for it. My husband does not like Thai food and even he says he would like to see this made more often. Very unique taste and will be making this again!

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Rav April 18, 2005
Tiger Cries Salad (a Spicy Thai Beef Salad)