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Thank You Kittencal! You saved my bread machine from the trash bin. Wonderful recipe. No more hockey pucks for me. Makes the greatest toast too, which my husband truly appreciates. I wish the bread machine instructions would tell you, you can proof your yeast. I think the sugar makes all the difference. Of course I don't think you could do it this way on Delay Start, but I never do that anyway. Love the name too. Really caught my attention and was true. Followed your instructions to a T. I do so appreciate your posting this. Terry

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hathor7 December 28, 2008

Thank you for this bread recipe. Really it is the first time ever that Sinds I have been making my own home made bread, that I really make a good in look, and in taste bread, thanks to your recipe and methods used. Only I have use Spelt flour instead of the normal bread flour. Delicious, I will continuing using your bread receipt. My regard, the now happy baker

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classy-by-nature July 19, 2015

This was the very first loaf of bread I made in my bread maker. It turned out fantastic. It was light and fluffy and absolutely delicious. I'll be holding onto this recipe!!

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amandagerrior June 02, 2015

Have to echo everyone else. This bread is incredible! Made it exactly by the recipe, using King Arthur Bread flour the 1st time and King Arthur All Purpose the 2nd time, plus Rapid Rise Yeast both times. It had fabulous flavor and texture. It can also be sliced very thin for marvelous sandwiches. Sold my two Zoji bread machines (2 mini and 1 regular size) when we moved 3 years ago but was never that happy with their output anyway and was making bread by hand till I got too lazy. Broke down and bought a vintage Farberware bread machine at a garage sale last weekend but it had no manual so was looking for a recipe because I didn't want to wait till the manual I ordered arrived. Really happy I stumbled on this one. Much superior to any bread I have ever made in a bread machine and so easy. My only problem is that it rises so high it sticks to the top of the machine and causes the bread to cave in slightly and not brown on the very top. Looking at the King Arthur website though, I believe I need to cut the water back by a few tablespoons. I'll try that on my 3rd loaf - we've already finished the first 2. If that doesn't work I will try cutting the yeast back or using regular yeast rather than the rapid rise. Someone was asking how to store homemade bread. I use the Debbie Meyer Breadbags from Amazon. They are reusable and are wonderful for keeping the bread fresh and accessible. You just stick the bread in and fold the excess under. No twist ties or ziplocks. Thanks for a life changing recipe. This is my go-to from now on.

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minimeg May 29, 2015

Use your recipe all the time! Thank you. Have also tried yeast first, then sugar and salt, then flour and make a well for melted butter and water. Works as well. I sometimes add chives and a bit of parsley, bit of cayenne pepper, grated cheese and onion flakes and then it becomes a nice savoury loaf.

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Else May 15, 2015

I have used a bread machine for years. This is the best recipe I have found after a lot of searching. The bread is fluffy and great texture. THANK YOU

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tinllib April 21, 2015

My kids just devoured this bread before I could get the camera! This was perfect, I even accidentally missed the 10 minute yeast step (although I still see the need for it) best flavor!

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248Cooked February 02, 2015

This is the third bread recipe I found online. The first was a brick, the second overgrew the top...this is the perfect recipe. Tasted great, had a perfect density. I used King Authur bread flour. Thanks!

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lauracapps1_12375376 December 27, 2014

Best ever! It's so versatile, it's practically the only recipe I ever use. It's my default recipe for soft white sandwich bread, but it's also fabulous with half whole wheat flour + vital wheat gluten. It makes perfectly soft and fluffy burger and hot dog rolls. One thing to note, it rises so high that you'll only need 2 ounce portions for hot dog rolls. I like using milk or milk powder for extra flavor, but that's just personal preference, it's delicious as written. This should be everyone's very first bread machine recipe. If it were, there'd be a lot fewer machines sitting idle or showing up in thrift shops.

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Sandy Toes October 26, 2014

This is the easiest bread to put together! I did follow my bread machine instructions (I think it's ingrained in my head) and used all butter, no oil. I also used regular white flour (subbing 3 teaspoonfuls with 3 teaspoons of wheat gluten) I used the 'dough' setting on my machine, and ended up with TWO loaves because the first rise was a big rise, let rise for the second time, and followed previous reviews by baking at 350 for 25 minutes. I think I will bake a little longer next time as mine were still fairly light. But still, they were beautiful loaves, great texture, soft yet chewy. Can't wait to use them for sandwiches!! I think this may be a staple recipe in this house now. Thank you for another amazing recipe!

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yamakarasu August 31, 2014
Throw Away the Bread Machine Instructions!.... White Bread