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i made this for my dh bd i used a whipped cream icing and strawberry filling it is now his favorite cake it was a very easy recipe and turned out great thanks for posting

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memaw #2 October 13, 2009

I really enjoyed how easy this cake was ... not to mention how it tastes! I altered the recipe by substituting lemon juice for the vanilla and soaked poppy seeds in the buttermilk for a few hours. Fill between the layers with thickened lemon pudding and frost...now my sister's favorite lemon poppyseed cake! Thanks!

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J Nuttall August 08, 2008

This is a moist, delicious cake. Mine was somewhat a failure - I could not get the cakes out of the pans. Next time I make, I will grease AND flour the pans. Usually I always do this but the recipe didn't call for flouring so I didn't, lesson learned. Also, it took closer to 40 minutes to test done. I used a Betty Crocker mix for the fluffy white frosting - this was also a failure for me - probably due to the high humidity we had that day. Brought the cake into work and so far, 3 people have said excellent cake they didn't care that it was lopsided! I WILL be making this again hopefully with better results.

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Lunchmeat April 05, 2010

Best cake I have ever made, period!

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kande98 October 25, 2009

Has a great taste, the texture is very light and spongy which is different than other velvet cakes I have had specifically red velvet. How can I make the cake a little more dense?

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juliusrainey November 23, 2015

I'm on the search for the PERFECT white cake recipe. I made only half of the cake/frosting recipe. This cake was in the the middle for it's white color, (less yolks make for a whiter cake), as for the taste it reminded me of a thick pancake. We made this frosting as well and only frosted half of the cake so we could taste it with and without the frosting. The texture was what I was looking for but the taste and color were not. The frosting was not to our liking. The powdered sugar should be reduced and the vanilla upped. The amount of powdered sugar gave the frosting a kind of ....well gritty film....(for lack of words) in our mouthes when eating it and used store bought ps. Also, this cake needs it's frosting but the frosting could still use some work for my family. I will keep looking.

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JamieTND February 19, 2012

I know this will sound strange, but it was a bit too sweet for us. It also stuck to the bottoms of my greased and floured pans -- even after cooling 10 minutes. The flavor was not bad. It was moist. Just not one we will make again. Thanks for posting

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PrincessPage September 20, 2011
Three Layer White Velvet Cake (With Optional White Frosting)