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As the other reviewer reported I had a bit of unincorporated cake mix on top in a few spots. I used her trick and dabbed a bit of butter on each spot and cooked a little longer. It is really more a cobbler than a cake. I served it with cream but I think it would have been equally great with homemade vanilla ice cream. I would not serve it plain as it would be way too sweet.

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Nyteglori August 16, 2011

I've never made a dump cake before so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. This makes a very sweet, fruity and flavourful cake that has more of a cobbler consistency. It would be very good with ice cream. After baking this for 50 minutes the cake had some unincorporated cake mix left on top. I tried adding a bit more butter and baking an additional 5 minutes. I ended up just brushing it off with a pastry brush. Thanks for this keeper. I'll be making this whenever I need a cake in a hurry.

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Dreamer in Ontario August 12, 2011
Three-Fruit Dump Cake