Total Time
Prep 24 hrs
Cook 24 hrs

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Combine all beans, onions and green pepper.
  2. Heat all dressing ingredients until dissolved and pour over vegetables.
  3. Let stand 24 hours.
  4. Stir occasionally.
Most Helpful

The recipe was SO good! I was whipping up a fast meal to help my parents with harvest, so I wanted a salad that I wouldn't have to worry about keeping it cold. My parents, husband and the other people helping all raved about it! Thanks so much for sharing!

moose_kristi July 29, 2011

Good stuff! My family raved about this. I added some cider vinegar at the end because we like a little more tartness.

Fredwina July 04, 2011

My recipe for bean salad is so similar to this, that I am using this recipe instead of adding my own. I add 1 can of garbanzo beans and use red wine vinegar instead of regular vinegar. I like to use only 1/4 C oil; I don't think the salad needs a lot of oil, only enough to make the dressing cling to the beans. I also omit the green pepper since my husband doesn't like them. I use less sugar, but that is a matter of taste.

Chris Reynolds June 15, 2011