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I skipped some of Chef Keller's final steps with the butter, herb, and the mustard. But after rinsing and blotting dry, then salting the cavity, this lovely organic little bird was trussed and then I let the salt rain down on it, just as Chef Keller advises. It then air-chilled overnight uncovered in the fridge, before roasting in the hot oven. Oh, it also had a generous sprinkling of pepper before roasting. Perfect after a little over an hour and resting roughly ten minutes. Both wings and leg/thigh quarter were devoured almost immediately, perfectly juicy. It was just as good as (and maybe even better than) what costs $37.50 at Le Pichet in Seattle. As for the leftovers, they are great in a Cobb salad with a walnut vinaigrette.

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French Terrine June 13, 2014

Excellent! I thinly sliced some preserved lemons and stuffed them under the skin of the breast. I did have to put a bit of liquid in the bottom of the roasting pan for the last half hour of cooking as the drippings started to burn & set off the fire alarm! Sorry no picture buy we were too hungry to wait for the camera department to show up ;)

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xtine February 06, 2008

I have never cooked a chicken at this high heat. But, it was wonderful! I had to put onions in the roasting pan because I love the smell of chicken and onions! My house smelled great!! My husband thought he went to heaven! Our chicken was 4 pounds so of course it took longer but it was worth it! The salt coating really was fantastic! Salty and crunchy! Yum! And I love Thomas Keller!

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susie cooks November 03, 2006
Thomas Keller's Favorite Roast Chicken