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Love these! Had them at City Tavern when we lived in South Jersey....delicious!

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suger902 October 12, 2013

My 20 year old daughter, who does not like to cook, made these for Thanksgiving dinner and they were a big success. They were light and had a nice spice taste. She is now receiving requests for the receipe. I also made them one morning for breakfast. They are a very good with coffee. Big thumbs up on this one.

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andria_madison_9931933 November 26, 2012

These worked out nicely for us...I tagged this recipe playing the "I Recommend..." game based on KateL's review and went with her idea to simply approach them as a scone because I am not a biscuit eater~maker either...{{LOL}} :)-I do however have "scones in me bones", being raised on them as a "BLD&T" :) I used a left-over baked sweet potato from dinner the nite before...mashed it flavored with vanilla soy, cinnamon, and brown sugar...used a little less butter (& LOTS of pecans)... no reason there (w/ the butter)- just saving some to grease my pans and hands because no rolling out after kneading...just a pluck and drop type'othing...got 14 "bics-scones" and served with a dinner of salmon (Baklava Salmon (Salmon With Honey, Butter, Walnuts, and Mustard)) and asparagus (Baked Asparagus) which is very not norm in my house cause I usually serve more like rawish-veganish based dinners... but this was a special event and I was "playing being a Martha"...lot of left-over "bics-scones" that I served as breakfast/brunch/snack with some Delicious Pumpkin Butter (Fat Free)...mr. free-free was really into these, very "olde homey" recipe & it was his special event so THANKS Aimee...great recipe and good times... :) very Autumn festive...and fun...

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free-free October 29, 2008

4 Stars, these tasted fine -- sweet potato, some brown sugar and chopped pecans lent a slightly sweet taste -- but my biscuits were fairly flat, and it could well be chef error as I normally don't make biscuits from scratch (I normally do not eat them). I was intrigued with these because the sweet potato gave these biscuits more nutritional value, and because I was born in Charlottesville VA, site of Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello. DH, our household's biscuit eater, was turned off by the sunken appearance, so I am not likely to make these again. I would appreciate any suggestions to yield a higher biscuit shape, as I enjoyed the taste. Or is the solution to call these scones? These were served with Mushroom Beef Tenderloin #314698 and Green Beans With Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Almonds #323054. Thanks for posting, Aimee, you have such intriguing recipes. Made for Fall 2008 Pick-a-Chef.

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KateL October 14, 2008
Thomas Jefferson's Sweet Potato Biscuits 1774