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Our pizza was probably a 3-star result, but the problems were largely my fault, so I'm going to give the recipe 4 stars. I used a baking sheet rather than a pizza stone, and I think that was a mistake. I also discovered that my seldom-used cornmeal had bugs in it (yuck!), so I attempted to use flour instead. That didn't work so well. I do have a concern about the method used to start the yeast. I went through three brand new packets of yeast trying to get the mixture to foam. The third time I threw in a few pinches of sugar, and only then did I get foam. I suggest adding a bit of sugar from the start. Thanks for posting!

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SweetPeaNC March 17, 2010

I made two batches of this recipe, the first one my water was too hot so dough did not rise as well. Second batch was perfect and doubled in size nicely. Both batches stretched and cooked well. I should say exceptionally well since there were parts of the crust that were so thin I was worried the toppings would leak through, but it does indeed fluff up nicely. For others I would suggest check the temperature of your water and yeast should be at room temperature, so if stored in refrigerator (like I do), take it out and let it warm up before using. Excellent and saved to my recipe book, thanks for posting!

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cisbum May 23, 2014

We have a rule :mom makes the dough and I make the topping. And it works great every time,especially since I don't like to touch dough. My mom said it was wetter than her usual recipe and she adds more oil to it. We enjoyed it.Thanks for sharing.

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littlemafia February 15, 2010

This is good. I had difficulty with Step 2-the first time it did not foam up, so tried again and it did bubble slightly. Both yeast packages expiration dates were March 2010. I had no more yeast here, so went with it. The technique in Step 2 is unique in that it uses flour vs. a bit of sugar. I see that this recipe is posted in other sites, most of which have the flour mixed in with yeast but when I make this again I will use a teaspoon of sugar instead. Thank you swissms for sharing.

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WiGal October 29, 2009
Thin Pizza Crust - Pizzeria Bianco, Phoenix