Thick Coconut Custard (Or Banana, or Raspberry, or Lime :*)

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READY IN: 10mins
Recipe by MSR5055

I was never a fan of plain custard...only having the Birds Instant over here in England, but this made me a very happy girl. Oh how I love comfort food.

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  1. Get all the ingredients together, this comes together quickly -- trust me it will help.
  2. Beat eggs, set aside.
  3. Mix Sugar, Flour, Salt, lemon zest.
  4. Start heating milk and cream to almost boiling
  5. Add eggs to flour mixture, beat with whisk until smooth.
  6. When milk is hot, add flour/egg mixture slowly whisking all the time so it doesn't lump up as it does thicken very quickly.
  7. When nice and thick take off heat and pour into bowl, add coconut cream and butter, whisk in while hot.
  8. Ok, in the place of coconut cream you can add vanilla, banana flavouring, raspberry, etc -- you can also change the zest as well, orange zest with raspberry goes well, as does lime zest with the coconut. just have some fun :).

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