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I had a hard time posting how many stars for this recipe. I found the pork to get very tough. I do wish I used Beef or maybe even chicken! I did add 3 ears of fresh white corn. Cut off the husks. No need for all the water I used only 3 1/2 cups. Added parsley,bay leaf, oregano. Lentils is what caught my eye to this recipe. Skip the meat and it`s a five star recipe!I let this simmer while watching a movie so the meat just didn`t do it for me.The flavors are so outstanding I would have rated 5 but the meat wanted me to rate it 3 star so came about 4 stars for this recipe.

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Rita~ June 22, 2003

I made this stew today with lean stew meat. It is very flavorful and definitely hearty. Although I didn't add the lentils, as I didn't have any, it was extremely tasty on a wet and cool Spring afternoon. I let the meat cook for several hours so it was fork tender. Thank you Cindy for a lovely recipe.

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pattkonopka May 09, 2009

I did not have any problems with the stew itself. The meat texture was fine. On it's own I would rate this a four star, however, I would like to note that it's not very well organized, and there are no instructions on when to add the tomato sauce. I wish we had half stars, I really don't think this deserves a 3.

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stimied January 10, 2004
Thick and Hearty Stew