"thetis Queen" Albacore Tuna Tacones With Spicy Spot P

Total Time
Prep 30 mins
Cook 15 mins

Tacones are a taco-cone or a tortilla handroll. I am newly addicted to this meal! The recipe comes from a Victoria restaurant. It is wonderful! http://www.redfish-bluefish.com/

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  1. Lightly oil one side of each tortilla.
  2. Thinly shred cabbage and mix with pumpkin seeds, spicy spot prawn mayo (recipe #387362 posted separately) and one quarter of the spice mix.
  3. Oil the tuna loin and season with remaining spice mix.
  4. In large very hot pan or very hot BBQ, sear tuna on all sides for 30 seconds per side and place on cutting board for slicing.
  5. In large very hot pan or very hot BBQ, lightly grill tortillas.
  6. Line grilled tortillas up evenly and slice in half.
  7. Position semi circles of tortilla with straight side on a forty five degree angle.
  8. Slice tuna loin in one quarter inch slices and place three slices on the middle of each tortilla.
  9. Add one quarter cup of cabbage mixture, 3 or 4 pea shoots and one heaping table spoon of onions on top of tuna slices.
  10. Take the bottom corner of tortilla to the top and pull back over mix leaving you with a cone shaped taco or tacone.
  11. - Serve with Spicy Spot Prawn Mayo, recipe #387362 contains prawns, oil, hot sauce, mirin, lime juice, sea salt, and mayonnaise.


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I made this recipe in my culinary class, and it tasted just like the tacones we get at another place in Vancouver, BC called "Go Fish". Only thing we added to each of the tacones was a 1/4 sheet of Nori (Japanese Sushi seaweed) to wrap with the tortilla wrap. Then it was complete and tasted just like what we get at 'Go Fish'.

mumbear January 02, 2010

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