The Worst English Muffin Pizza - "the Saddest Pizza for One

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 3 mins

So why are you even looking at this recipe?! It's the worst! My husband and I were talking about how even bad pizza just isn't that bad. He remembered his mom making the box of Chef Boyardee pizza and it being pretty bad. I said I could top that... my mom would make pizza with english muffins and ketchup. Both of our kids were screaming out of fear that I would actually make these pizzas for them. We decided to call it "the Saddest Pizza for One". I had a great time making these for myself when I was four years old. And when you are so desperate for pizza - this is an option. Just thought I'd share our great memories with you!


  1. Preheat your toaster oven to 350 degrees (or your Easy Bake Oven to full light-bulb strength). Take an english muffin half and slather with ketchup. Top with a square processed cheese slice (plastic wrap removed). Bake for a few minutes -- keep an eye on it - it burns easily! Nothing uglier than a black bubbly pizza! Enjoy!


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I can beat this recipe on the "sad" factor. At least your mom used English muffins...mine used to make it with the lonely, dried-out end pieces of a loaf of white bread. Ketchup and cheese were the same, though. Even now, I shudder at the memories. LOL

LadyAngel1124 February 20, 2010

oh, Jennibear, we grew up eating these sorry pizzas but loved em. I still make them for my kids, grandkids, and myself. We stayed up late for slumber parties friday nights watching horror movies and eating these pizzas, loaded with ketchup, oregano, pepperoni and whatever cheese was at hand. Thanks for the memories! Gotta give it stars. LOL

nina22541 October 29, 2012

I accidentally ran onto your recipe when searching for a Big Boy Pizza Recipe (not here, I guess I need to post when I find it.) This brought back funny memories of growing up poor and making do with what we had. Thank you.

Trish's Dishes April 23, 2010

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