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Wonderful! Reminds me of my grandma's lemon meringue pie and I just loved making this, serving it to my family and eating a piece or two myself! The crust is a golden flaky treat and the lemon filling is just tart enough to bite you a little, but sweet enough to make you want another mouthful. The meringue crusted beautifully and I am tempted to make a little more meringue next time so we can have a little higher pie for a little guiltier indulgence! Totally a keeper.

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rsarahl July 20, 2003

It doesn't tell you pie pan size go with small

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karenleejennings March 24, 2016

I figured I'd try using someone's recipe and NOT tweak it to suit me, and then didn't check the comments first, so now I have to disassemble this entire pie after overcooking the top trying to get the middle to cook and firm up...so disappointing. The flavors are great, but to have it as fully wet and looking like a broken raw egg on the plate was a huge letdown, let alone a HUGE waste of time! I'm redoing the top, thankfully without wasting more than the egg whites I already had used since I have another recipe I'm doing that needs 4 yolks, and dumping out and reheating the filling with more cornstarch added considering it's a sloppy blob of goo anyway and I'd rather fix it than drink it....will comment on how that came out if anyone tries this colossal failure the way i did....thanks for not correcting it in the recipe considering that would save evryone trying this a whole lot of wasted time and energy. So much for a no-brainer recipe

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Linda R. March 10, 2016

I created a food.com account just to write this review. The lemon curd in my pie came out like soup. I followed directions step by step, and agree that the curd-making process is completely wrong. As I was adding the dry curd ingredients into the saucepan, I knew this was not right. The lemon juice doesn't get cooked and mixed in with the starch at all, and separated as it had time to sit. Cutting into the pie, the curd soup al spilled out and it wasn't firm enough to hold it's shape to be placed on a plate. Will not be making again, and would highly NOT suggest making this recipe. Too much work for a totally ruined lemon meringue pie.

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sfsquisting December 30, 2015

I made this today I didn't make the crust as I did my own. BUT believe me this was so amazing my husband and guests enjoyed it so much. I don't eat much desserts but I ate this one it was totally amazing. I've been cooking for years and this is the first time my meringue did go watery. Thank you for sharing this awesome recipe. P.S. the lemon filling was perfect not over sweet but tangy. yummy

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debbief7 October 30, 2015

I followed the directions exactly as stated in the recipe. The result was a delicious pie. The filling was silky and had a nice lemon custard flavor. The crust was excellent. I had it for a dinner party and everyone at the table cleaned their plate. I also made the pie a day in advance.

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malalapp October 25, 2015

I didnt modify the recipe. For the filling I added the firsts 5 ingredients. Whisk until it very thinken. Turned heat off wisked lemon and butter. It became less thick but still thick enough. The merengue became a little dilueted when I added the cornstarch but I kept on whipping until it doubled the size and became stiff enough. For a minute I though it wouldn't harden but after a while it did. Right now it is cooling down at room temperature and I picked at the filling and it looks great.

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Pamela T. September 23, 2015

Outstanding. The lemon custard was perfect. Just took more like 15 minutes to thicken not 8, and the meringue as spongy, fluffy browned perfectly. Reminded me of my grandmothers.

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Alicia S. August 09, 2015

Came out beautiful! My lemons didn't yield as much juice as needed, so I compensated with some lemon extract (to avoid a trip to the store). I followed the directions closely, since I had never made one before. I made it for our anniversary because it falls on my husbands late grandmother's birthday, and he always talks about her lemon meringue pie. He was very impressed!

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dragontink July 18, 2015

A little time consuming, but truly worth the effort. Delicious and the meringue was by far the best I have ever made,

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Stephanie B. April 09, 2015
The Ultimate Lemon Meringue Pie