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Way too many recipe steps; too many pots and pans, and frustrating because I constantly had to scroll up and down.<br/>The recipe itself is very sweet and was extremely watery when I cut into it.<br/>Pie crust was alright, even though I used whole wheat.<br/>It gets one star to balance out all the good reviews, because this was just awful.

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Akiva A. June 11, 2014

The merangue was fantastic but the lemon filling is very runny and I made the recipe exactly as written. Letdown. Obviously because of the runny filling the crust is a soggy mess.

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Ter1663 April 05, 2014

Don't waste your time. If you follow the instructions for the filling it comes out like lemonade :(

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butterflymoon88_12803317 January 18, 2014

I'm a complete amateur, especially when it comes to pies, but I decided to try this one because it seemed like a complicated recipe with lots of steps and the best recipes usually are complicated. I made this pie for my mom, her favorite is lemon meringue, but she hasn't had any since her favorite aunt passed several years ago without leaving her recipe behind. I made a huge mess of my kitchen, and I wish I had used the extra two egg whites (6 total) for the meringue, as others suggested, but it came out great! I used a tiny bit extra sugar, lemon zest, and lemon juice, but otherwise followed the recipe and directions exactly. It was not nearly as difficult as so many have suggested, and I had no issues with the filling not thickening as some have complained of. Great recipe! I felt so accomplished when I finished. Next time I'll use the extra egg whites for more meringue.

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Total Amateur December 24, 2013

I just made this pie. It is a wonderful recipe, but I think it is a little too finicky about how to put it together. The lemon filling can be made very nicely by just adding all the ingredients, with the exception of the butter, cooking until it is thickened, remove from heat, add butter.

Also, I would cool the filling slightly, and then pour it into the pie shell. That way the top of the filling firms up a little, by the time you add the meringue. It makes it easier to spread the meringue. I made my meringue with 6 whites, and increased the rest of the ingredients accordingly - increase all ingredients in meringue by 1/2 again, when using 6 whites. Why waste the extra whites.

I am thrilled to be taking this pie to a friends house, tonight. It is beautiful.

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Carolyn Hughey December 29, 2012

I'm 61 years old and been trying to make the perfect lemon meringue pie most of my life. THIS IS IT! I used my own pie crust because I prefer a more traditional crust but the filling and meringue were perfect and delicious! I have NO idea how anyone could say this filling was flavorless! How could fresh lemon juice and zest have no flavor? If anything is wrong with the flavor, it has to be the cook and not the recipe! Also, you should not put lemon meringue pie in the refrigerator as it will cause the meringue to weep and shrink. Make sure all your utensils are free from grease, do NOT use a metal pan or whisk, follow the directions exactly and you will have the perfect pie! Thank you PanNan! I'm an experienced cook and this is the only thing I could get right, until now!

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Donna4Loans November 23, 2012

Before attempting my first lemon meringue pie, as I have never made one, I researched through all the reviews. I started to sweat getting very nervous & confused due to so many different opinions & additional tweaking recommendations. It's my boyfriends 39th birthday, and this is is fav pie, however, only his mother has them for him thus far, & I never found anything special about her version.
Well, I followed this recipe to the T, with a little help from my lovely 8 year old daughter, & chose as many others to mix the zest in the pot while the curd is thickening. Well, it turned out beautifully! Since I had to use 6 egg yolks, I kept the 6 whites from them & chose to make my meringue with 6 egg whites vs. the called for 4. I am sooo glad I did! The meringue was so gigh & beautiful!!!
Well, I let it cool to near about room temp., then put it on the fridge for tomorrow. This morning a lot of the meringue had fallen :( I am so glad I used more meringue then what was called for. Totally bummed it fell a bit, & I am taking it for dessert tonight, sure hope it still tastes good! I will post a pic of the finished product fresh from the oven. If WAS so perfect :( Otherwise, I will try this recipe again, with even MORE meringue!!

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2zzredhead September 04, 2011

Without a doubt-the most delicious pie recipe I have ever come across. I have made this pie over 20 times since I found the recipe in 2005. My husband fell in love with me all over again-and does-every time I make it. My kids love it. My parents love it. They requested this and only this for my offerings to their Thanksgiving table. :) I made out easy! The lemon filling is superb. It is just the right amount of tangy and it tastes super delicious mixed with the vanilla-sweet meringue. The meringue is delicious. I was always one to only eat a little bit of meringue until now. This meringue is so silky smooth-"like butta". The crust is amazing. I use this crust recipe with every pie I make. I cannot justify buying a store bought crust ever again. It is simple to make and it is so good that you will never be able to eat another crust without comparing. This pie is worth every amount of effort you have to put into it. Perhaps the directions could have been organized better-but they are easy to follow regardless.

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Candice #2 November 21, 2009

Great! I love Lemon Meringue Pie... It is so good and the meringue came out really fluffy...Thanks will make this one over and over.

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Gloria in Michigan January 22, 2004

I really did like this, though I made a reg. crust as I had no graham crakers. I will be trying it with the graham crakers next week...Made with extra ripe meyer lemons, think it makes a difference for the flavor

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Joygi December 16, 2003
The Ultimate Lemon Meringue Pie