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Sorry, but this just didn't work for me. The crust was good, the meringue lovely (I used all 6 egg whites and adjusted the sugar etc to compensate). The problem was with the ingredients and method of making the filling, I think. I have only made LMP a few times and always used a recipe that had a lemon curd type of filling. Never a problem with runny filling or flavourless filling. Due to the rave reviews I thought I'd try this to see what I was missing. My first question was about adding so much water to the filling ingredients. I noticed many LMP recipes use a water and cornstarch based filling which seems to provide much less flavour than one using mostly or all lemon juice for the filling. I also didn't understand adding unbeaten egg yolks to all that sugar and cornstarch. That seems like asking for trouble along the lines of little bits of tough egg floating in the filling. Why not combine the water and beaten egg yolks or even a little water and egg yolks? Or add some of the cold water to the sugar and cornstarch, then add the rest to the yolks and combine? It would prevent egg lumps that one reviewer said she dealt with by using an immersion blender. Then the cooking instructions seem backwards. They say to cook the sugar, cornstarch, yolks and water "until thickened", then add the lemon juice, rind and butter. I did cook the sugar mixture until very thick (like icing or heavy custard) but once I added the juice and the butter it became pourable and never thickened up again. The pie has been in the fridge for 24 hours and the filling is still the consistency of melted ice cream. Why not cook the filling with the butter and lemon juice in it so you can accurately judge the consistency? Did I cook it too long? Not long enough? There is no real way to know. The taste is okay but not special even using fresh lemon juice, sweeter today than yesterday we all agreed, and the meringue did not weep at all. It looked lovely until we cut it and it poured itself out of its crust. IMHO, just not worth the effort given the ease by which one can make a real lemon curd for such a pie and avoid the issue of "will it or wont it" thicken.

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Marysdottir May 31, 2010

I made this for my husband's birthday and he proclaimed it 5 stars. It was definitely delicious, but time consuming. I made a few minor modifications to the recipe based on previous reviews.

Made the crust as described and it was fantastic.

Made the filling as described but increased the cornstarch to 1/2 cup and brought the mixture to a light boil and added the lemon juice/zest in and also boiled for a few minutes. Removed from heat and stirred in the butter. The filling set up beautifully and had no lumps as earlier reviewers had mentioned.

Made the meringue as described but am not sure I understand the purpose of the cornstarch. Meringue should set up fine without it so I may try it without the cornstarch next time. It did taste wonderful though!

Overall a great tasting recipe, just requires some attention to detail!! Thanks for sharing!

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Cyn August 06, 2011

I am giving this one star; if you are a beginner, this is NOT the recipe for you. The directions are not detailed enough for a beginner baker. The only reason I gave this ONE star and not ZERO stars is because the lemon filling came out very tasty...if you can get past the scrambled eggs in the mix; the recipe said NOTHING about tempering the eggs to the filling...just "oh yeah...throw the eggs in there, and just mix" No....TEMPER the eggs...don't just add them. I am beyond frustrated to the fact that I made gorgeous home made pie crusts only to have a failed recipe once again find it's way into my kitchen. Absolute disaster! Even following the directions step, by vague step...It never panned out. Save your time (because I stayed up till almost 5 am) and eggs and look for a recipe that doesn't give vague directions. Might as well have tried to follow a cooking show while it's being fast forwarded...

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Nadia R. July 26, 2015

This recipe is a disaster. The directions are terrible and without the detail you need, slim chance the pie will set up, there are unnecessary ingredients, and overall, its just not reliable recipe. I question all of the reviews on this site. Find another recipe with more detailed directions.

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grode_travis December 31, 2012

This is a really good tasting recipe however, the cooking of the lemon filling for 8-10 minutes was not long enough and adding butter and lemon juice after the lemon filling solidified was probably the wrong move. I like firmer lemon filling and it came out thickened but once I added the lemon juice and butter it went all liquified and never solidified again. Next time I will add all ingredients together and let it cook a bit longer so that it solidifies. Thanks for posting though. I will use this recipe again but will do the lemon filling slightly different.

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Litl Irish Angel August 18, 2012

My mother has always wished for her mother's lemon pie, but she passed away before she ever knew the secret of her pie. I made this for my mom today for her birthday and when she tasted it she said, "That's my mom's pie!" I was so happy and proud! We enjoyed it so much and it will be my one and only lemon pie recipe...Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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deanamy May 29, 2010

Used this recipe because I saw it had a 5 star rating based on 108 reviews. Sorry but wtf! Use bowls to eat this LIQUID LEMON FILLING pie. If you don't adjust ingredients accordingly for the filling DO NOT bother making this pie. Has now been in the freezer over 1.5 hrs and STILL liquid. Scrambling to make another dessert for our July 4th party.....stealing clear of any more nana recipes

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shadlock11 July 04, 2015

I agree with everything Marysdottir says. The recipe doesn't make culinary sense. It seems to be based on poo understanding of food chemistry.

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James Elkins June 29, 2015

This is our most favourite recipe for the filling. Very nice recipe, but don't follow the directions, they seem to be written backwards. Why you would add eggs to dry before adding water I just can't see this working out. Recipe makes a lovely 9

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tlcajw December 25, 2014

Honestly, I am only halfway through making this pie. It is just too much work! I love to bake and I am generally pretty patient. But this recipe has over 30 steps . . . crazy. I give up.

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icej_12458799 August 30, 2014
The Ultimate Lemon Meringue Pie