The Ultimate Flank Steak - the Original Recipe

Total Time
6hrs 8mins
Prep 6 hrs
Cook 8 mins

SOURCE SHADOWS -- This is the way I posted this recipe originally to I know there is a post by another member, but this is the original one. Prep Time includes marination time

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  1. This steak is best served with the center red/pink, it is at it's most tender state at that point.
  2. Place steak in sealable plastic bag.
  3. Add remaining ingredients, except butter, and place in refrigerator for 6 to 12 hours to marinate.
  4. Turn bag over at least four times during marination.
  5. Grill over hot hardwood coals, basting frequently with marinade, for about 8-10 minutes a side.
  6. Check for doneness.
  7. When done cut steak on diagonal across the grain.
  8. Serve with remaining marinade that has been heated to a boil with butter added.
  9. The flavors can be intensified by using your favorite smoking chips on the cooking coals (I use sassafras, hickory, or apple).
  10. Leftovers make excellent sandwiches when topped with bacon, tomato and melted cheese (Swiss, Cheddar, Smoked Gouda or Blue) and remaining marinade drizzled on top.
  11. I store the leftovers in the marinade to keep the steak moist and flavorful.
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Made for All New Zaar Cookbooks Tag. This was very good. I didn't have maderia wine so I used the marsala that I had in the fridge. Enjoyed the combination of flavors. Thanks Chef Shadows.

LARavenscroft June 30, 2009

And now that I found the original, I can review it! A wonderful recipe and a definite keeper! One of our favorites! Thanks again and again!

Dwynnie April 19, 2008