The Stretching Chicken

READY IN: 9hrs 20mins
Recipe by Bergy

This is as much of a tip as a recipe! This one chicken can now make up to 20 servings done in different dishes. Make chicken enchiladas with some, add some to plain stock with veggies and seasoning , wonderful for Mexican recipes and also some Oriental dishes. I have just made enchiladas for 6 and there is still enough meat for at least 14 servings. You can make chicken stew with dumplings, or chicken ala king. The jellied consumme can be the base ingredient for a wonderful soup, again stretching this versatile chicken. It is tender and not dry. The list is as long as your imagination.

Top Review by lauralie41

I have a 6 quart crock pot and bought a chicken that was cut up. Sprayed my crock with non stick cooking spray and added all the ingredients. I did use a 32 ounce carton of chicken broth so I would have more stock when straining. The chicken fell off the bone and was so moist and the stock reminded me of my mom's homemade chicken soup. This was a perfect recipe and tip, thank you so much Bergy! I will be freezing the chicken in individual freezer bags so I can use as I need to. A great money saving recipe too!

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  1. Put your old hen, onion, & bayleaf in the crock pot (cut up if necessary to fit but left whole is best), salt & pepper,add water (or chicken stock)& bay leaves.
  2. Turn on crock pot to low and cook for 9-10 hours, do not open the crock pot.
  3. Take out and cool the chicken.
  4. Pour the stock through a strainer.
  5. Remove fat, you can do this by pouring the sauce in a large flat bowl& refridgerate, leave for a couple of hours and spoon off the fat.
  6. Save the jellied consumme. You may portion it into freezer bags and freeze it for future use
  7. Remove skin& bones from the chicken (You can reboil this and get more stock for chicken soup or discard).
  8. Leave in chunks or shred the chicken Keep out what you are going to use now and portion freeze the rest.
  9. If possible vacuum seal before freezing or get out as much air as possible befor freezing

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