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Delicious combination!!! All the ingredients complimented each other so well. Had to go to a specialty store to get the cheeses, ham, peppers. It was so worth it. This was loved by all as our lunch today. made for ZWT8.

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Lavender Lynn July 30, 2012

The paprika butter, manchego cheese and peppers make this unforgettable!

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FLKeysJen July 26, 2012

First class sandwich! Exquisite taste! The premium ingredients of imported jamon serrano, Mahon cheese, and Manchego cheese all came through like stars with assertive flavor, yet complementing one another. The piquillo chiles were canned, although I would use either roasted red bell peppers or diced pimento in a pinch. The biggest surprise: DH and I ADORED the smoked paprika butter spread, it added sweetness while creating a gorgeous red-orange hue to the grilled bread. I was able to use only 4 ounces total of cheese for 4 sandwiches, so I have 4 ounces of shredded cheese ready for my next project. (Also, I think a cheese slicer rather than a grater would make it easier to layer on the cheese.) On the flip side, the amount of paprika-butter is just enough to spread a thin schmear on each slice of bread. When I can't get serrano ham, I would use prosciutto. My Cuisinart Griddler recipe book recommended using thickly sliced Italian bread. I splurged on this recipe for the most gourmet "grilled cheese sandwich" I have ever eaten, because "we are worth it." Thank you for sharing this recipe, Gail Ann. Made for THE WILD BUNCH of ZWT8 for our visit to Spain.

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KateL July 22, 2012
The Spaniard (Grilled Sandwich)