The Road Burger

READY IN: 17mins
Recipe by kosmo

Early in my career I spent many days on the road. To make it interesting I searched for the perfect burger at every little road house I could find. I never found it. Thanks to a rusty old sign hanging atop an abandoned general store championing their smothered burger, I realized it was not the burger that I was looking for it was the technique. Thus was born the road burger, my own recipe, its simple, hearty and absolutely perfect. Please use a ground beef, not ground chuck, you will need the fat. Probably not for heart conscious eater, but makes a great splurge meal.

Top Review by gregory schulte

made this but i dont think i did it right and i also dont like pink in ground beef. i used 90+% lean beef and well that didnt work so next time ill use a fattier meat. my potato also did not cook all the way but agian i made it to thick i think and it didnt have grease to wallow in. so you can imagine my dissapointment when i realized this so after scraping and microwaving i did salvage some of it and what i got was very nice. i can imagine onions mushrooms and gravy making this a coronery special but yes very good and very juicey with real nice cheese flavor and the potato keeping the burger moist through the whole thing. still a great recipe and i will try it again.

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  1. Form a hamburger patty as normal and began frying as normal, do not add salt or pepper to the meat.
  2. While the patty is frying, peel the russet potato and grate.
  3. With your hand gather up the grated potato and squeeze as much liquid out as humanly possible.
  4. Salt and pepper grated potato to taste while still raw.
  5. When the hamburger patty is fully cooked flip over (do not drain fat) and quickly place one slice of cheese on top of patty and half of the grated potatoes.
  6. Flip patty with cheese and grated potato back over to the frying surface.
  7. It takes practice, any lose potato should be scraped back against the side of the patty.
  8. Again quickly add the other slice of cheese and remainder of grated potato to the new side of the patty.
  9. Scrape any lose potato against the side of the patty.
  10. Allow the potatoes underneath the first side to cook to desired doneness, they are perfect when the cheese almost melts through the potatoes.
  11. Flip patty once more, scraping any loose potato back to the burger tightly.
  12. Cook this side to desired doneness, again its perfect when the potatoes are not over cooked.
  13. The burger should now be completely encased with the potato and cheese.
  14. Remove and place on warm plate and high shake salt over the burger and plate for sopping.
  15. Enjoy.

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