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This was surprisingly satisfying and I was pleased! I was expecting a very thin dressing due to the use of water, but this honestly had a nice texture. The flavors married well although next time I'll cut back on the parsley. I will be making this again and thank you for sharing the recipe. :-)

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Susie D July 21, 2012

I love 1000 isle dressing! This is so good! I didn't think I had any low-fat mayo, but I finally found it! Would've kinda blown the whole theory, huh? lol Seriously, this is very good! I would recommend that future reviewers use the very best ketchup,which, IMHO,is Heinz. Anything less, don't bother. This is sooo worth the extra pennies, believe me. I added in a little bit of chopped hard-boiled egg, just preference. Thanks for sharing, this is a real keeper!

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FLUFFSTER March 23, 2010

Well, I did cheat and use full fat mayo. I omitted the parsley (personal preference for dressing) and did not need to add any water as we like our dressing thick (it still came out on the thin side though). I chopped everything small and mixed it in a bowl b/c we like chunky 1000 isle dressing (aka: Big Mac sauce, lol). Next time we would omit the bell peppers and cayenne too. Good recipe that you can adapt to your liking. Made for PRMR

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2Bleu August 08, 2011
The Realtor's Low Fat Thousand Island Dressing