The Professor's Potato Salad

READY IN: 40mins
Recipe by Catwhispers

This is a very good, tangy potato salad, although I admit it is a bit of work and the directions are very specific, claiming they should be followed to get the exact flavor and texture. Even with the extra work, I had fun making it because of the novelty of the source; it is from Russell Johnson, the actor who played "The Professor" on Gilligan's Island. Even more fun if you sing the theme song while you're making it. (If you end up with left over one-minute dressing, you can use it on a salad.)

Top Review by iris5555

I made a smaller quantity of this salad so this may have screwed up the Professor's formula! I also cut way back on the oil, used half the amount of vinegar but all of the seasonings. I thought that with the decreased quantity of oil I could add it all, but the finished salad was still a bit too oily for me. As a result, I didn't add a lot of mayo. The salad tasted good, but had I adhered to the recipe and sung the theme song it probably would have been better. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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  1. Simmer the potatoes in their jackets in salted water just until done, but not falling apart (they should pierce easily with a fork or skewer).
  2. Drain the potatoes, replace them in the pot, and let sit for a few minutes with the lid on and the heat off.
  3. While the potatoes are cooking, prepare the one-minute dressing by whisking the ingredients together well.
  4. Mince the sweet onion very finely (if you use a food processor and it comes out watery, that's okay); set aside.
  5. When done, peel and cube the potatoes while they are still very hot (use rubber gloves to keep from burning yourself). As you proceed and place the cubes in a bowl, keep tossing with generous amounts of the one-minute dressing and the minced onion.
  6. Add additional salt and pepper to taste, and let sit until the mixure comes to room temperature.
  7. Refrigerate overnight or for at least several hours, mixing gently occasionally (marinating is what gives the salad its taste and color).
  8. A short time before serving, gently mix in the chopped green onions, cubed hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise (as generous as your conscience allows), and additional salt and pepper to taste. You can add some chopped celery at this point if you like. If some of the potatoes break up, that's fine, it adds to the creaminess of the salad.
  9. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

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