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OMG! OMG!!!!! I have been searching the internet HIGH and LOW searching for THIS Potato salad recipe!!! Although, I've never had this in the Bavarian area of Germany - I have had it in the Rhein (Frankfurt aM) area - and when I cried and begged for the recipe - I got a "a little of egg, a little onion, a little pickle", yeah, yeah, I get it. No one wants to tell me their secret recipe so they only state the obvious ingredients then make me go home and experiement to try to duplicated it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting this Debber! This is darn close to the recipe I was attempting to get from friends in Germany. (The only reason this tastes different is the Mayonnaise we get here in the USA tastes different from the one in Europe. But sometimes you can find European mayonnaise and shops that sell European foods. It comes in a tube - like toothpaste and is called "Thomy". It is a bright yellow and white tube and is in the refrigerated section when you can buy European butter and milk products) Ha ha! Won't they be surprised when I make the potato salad for our next get together. I love this version so much, I don't even make the old, tradtional potato salad recipes anymore. This is so much better. Sometimes, I use conchicorns or gherkins instead of pickles or a mixture of all the above. You Rock for posting this Debber! To everone else: PLEASE MAKE THIS - This is to die for!!!!!!

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Mimi Bobeck April 21, 2007

Years ago when I lived in Philly a German lady used to cook for our club and she always made this type of potato salad along with wiener schnitzel. Outstanding. I've looked for this recipe for years. Thanks for posting.

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SarikaKisSzentem January 31, 2010

This is a very good recipe and that's coming from someone who is from Bavaria, but just like with other dishes you can ask five different people living on the same street and they will have five different version. My mom did not use mayonnaise but added yellow mustard to give it a zing, added a bit of chicken stock to mellow it out a bit, onions, hard-boiled eggs and pickles and served it warm. No matter what version, they are all yummy. Thanks for posting.

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mausi February 23, 2013

We really liked this.

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Delenn November 12, 2011

This almost tasted like Mom's when I was growing up. I didn't add in the additions. I just used the marinade and poured over the warm potatoes. Next time I'll add sliced cucumbers like Mom did. Thanks for bringing back beautiful memories.

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nemokitty June 26, 2010

I made the whole shebang! I really did love the taste of this salad. I have to agree with SarikaKisSzentem. It did taste a lot like the potato salad I remember from the German Club in Allentown, PA. Thnx for sharing your recipe, Debber. Made for the Voracious Vagabonds for ZWT6.

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Darkhunter May 28, 2010

this is almost the same recipe as my moms, now mine. except I marinade my potatoes in pickle juice and add ham the salad

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Karenm3 October 07, 2008

Tried this without the ADDITIONS first and than added the mayo, pickles and eggs. Both ways are very good.

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pha September 30, 2008

Very nice! I only added pickle and I wish I had used a red onion. I think it would have been prettier. Looking forward to the leftovers! Reviewed for ZWT4.

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mliss29 June 05, 2008

GREAT, GREAT RECIPE, Debber ~ Very much enjoyed both making & eating this one! Since they are, perhaps optional, I decided to cut the mayo back to 1/2 cup & used 3 medium dills & 1 hard-cooked egg (didn't want to go entirely without these ingredients) & had a very nice salad! I did use 6 medium potatoes & 2 good-size onions (how's that for a measure!) & was richly rewarded! Definitely a keeper, & one I'll make regularly this summer! [Made & reviewed wile on tour in Germany during Zaar's World Tour 4]

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Sydney Mike June 01, 2008
The Other Kind of German Potato Salad