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Be careful of what you add to this recipe as you may defeat the purpose of it. Carrots have a lot of sugar. 3 pounds of carrots equals the sugar found in a 20 oz can of coke. 2lbs.8oz of carrots equals the amount of sugar in a snickers bar. If you want to add flavour add fresh herbs.

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theatricalclown December 04, 2012

So we did the actual week long diet. . .thanks for the inspiration! We followed it to a "T" and I lost 3 lbs and my hubby lost 6.5 lbs. It was actually an enjoyable diet as I like this soup and because each day they switch it up a bit with veggies or fruit or meat.

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JanuaryBride August 30, 2013

Even my 2 yr old loves it! Like other reviewers, I added about 3 lbs carrots, which I actually grated to enhance the tomato flavor. Also, this may sound odd, but I added 1 teaspoon of nutmeg and it was delicious! Several tomato based soups my family enjoys call for nutmeg, and I wasn't disappointed when I added it to this one

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monday night gal January 11, 2010

I used a half bag of matchstick carrots instead of the bell peppers (too slimy for my taste when cooked) and I did saute the onions with a tablespoon of chili oil. I initially left out the tomatoes and V8 and ate it that way the first day. The second day I added diced tomatoes and V8 along with lots of cayenne to what was left so I had two different soups from it. I found it pretty tasty--much better than I was expecting. Very fast, easy and healthy and used things I typically have on hand so I anticipate I'll make some smaller batches of it in the future.

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Bigfoot's wife January 05, 2013

Absolutely delicious all healthy ingredients I recomend it to clear system

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escuepaul January 07, 2015

Outstanding! Perfect as is, although I usually add a dash of worcestershire and another of hot sauce and puree a serving in my magic bullet so I can drink on the run. I drink it cold...tastes a lot like V8 (duh). I try to keep a batch on hand, not to diet, but because it's refreshing and sooo good for you! Love this soup!

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Pollywollydoodle April 01, 2014

It's probably pretty good, but I hate to break it to you that the 'original' diet cabbage soup is from ...lemme see....40 years ago? We lived around the corner from Mrs. Gooch's in WLA. I was 'chubby' as a child and was subjected to all kinds of holistic/health food diets. Yes, 'subjected'. Try eating nothing but apples for 3 days followed by an 8th of a cup of olive oil and lemon juice! UCK. <br/>In any event, the original base was just that. Cabbage. Now I realize it's more like a mirepoix with tomatoes added. 4 ingredients plus salt. Cabbage, whole stewed tomatoes, celery and onion. <br/>That said, then we'd add a tiny bit of this or that if desired. My mom was one of those that didn't know the beauty of herbs and spices for flavoring. So it was purely by accident that we came across using parmigiana cheese. <br/>I agree that carrots would be a tad sweet, at least for my palate. Bell peppers sound great. I'm also going to try some parsley. Plus now I add garlic as well. I'm in the process of cooking up a batch at this moment. I'm guessing from the ingredients it will be at least a 4 star soup!

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April B. February 16, 2014

Great recipe! Makes a very large pot.... I put it in individual containers for ease of heating up throughout the week for lunch and dinner. I omitted the bell peppers and only added a couple onions. Making it again this week and using low sodium tomatoes and V8.

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am1277 November 12, 2012

I was skeptical, but this really is great! I wanted to add carrots, but stopped myself, thinking there must be a dietary reason for their absence (too much starch and sugar?). I used Spicy V-8 and followed monday night gal's suggestion, adding nutmeg (and ginger and savory). Very tasty "diet medicine"! Thank you for posting the original recipe, Spyder-man.

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The Spice Guru March 05, 2011

This is the best soup ever! I remember eating it back when I was younger when my mom was trying to lose weight and I thought it was sooo good then! I use hardly any balsamic though as it makes it way too tangy for my taste, but a tablespoon or two gives it a nice flavor. We usually have this soup on hand since the recipe makes so much that we'll freeze a bunch of it. And it freezes very well! Once we run out we'll end up making another batch a week or two later. Thanks for finding this and posting!

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Patticake24 October 06, 2010
The Original Cabbage Soup Diet