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I can't even call this cake "Death By Choclate", because I was very much alive and loving every morsel of this incredible choclate cake. As someone who has tasted several of Karen's recipes, I don't know why she isn't in your Hall of Fame!

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golfstx June 23, 2002

I wish I could rate this recipe 5 stars. The cake definitely earns 5 stars; however, with the frosting recipe that is included, I can only rate this a 3. I have made this cake before, using a different frosting, and it was loved by all. I made the cake a second time, using the included frosting recipe. The cake itself turned out great, but the frosting was not something I would ever make again. I didn't have any problems with the texture of the frosting, as some reviewers have. It looked great, but the flavor was very lacking. I can't recommend the cake enough, but I won't be making the frosting again.

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Heaven's Kitchen October 19, 2011

Delicious! I've tried many chocolate cake recipes and haven't found one as light and moist as a box mix. This is better than box--moist, light and flavorful. I made the cake and frosting exactly as directed, despite my worries over the granulated sugar and unflavored shortening in the frosting recipe. The frosting is also very good! For those reviewers who had thin icing, it's possible you didn't cook the flour/milk mixture long enough. It gets to an almost-set pudding consistency when done, and then should be chilled through (about an hour in fridge). I might try the frosting with all butter next time just for fun, but I really love the recipe as is! Thanks for sharing; I CAN throw out all other chocolate cake recipes!

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Vicki #4 September 02, 2011

I made this cake for my honey for Valentines. He loves chocolate cake. This came out very moist. The frosting was a bit runny to me but that was probably my fault. I can't make a proper frosting to save my life! All in all, a very tasty treat! Thanks for sharing!

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Cocoa February 15, 2003

This cake so so good! It was like a devils food cake with a creamy white icing! I thought the ingredients for the icing sounded a little strange, but I thought I'd give it a try anyways, and I was really glad I did! My husband hates icing with the "powdered sugar taste", so he was really happy with the results! I will file this recipe in my box of recipes I will bake often! Thanks for sharing!

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Kim D. July 07, 2002

I've never been a fan of non-boxed-mix cakes before, because they generally didn't turn out very good. But this..this is my new go-to for chocolate cake! I baked in 9" round, then split each layer (to end up with four layers). The bottom three layers each were pricked with a fork and brushed with a little chocolate syrup and then filled with Whipped Chocolate Cream Icing, which was used to ice the top and sides as well. Topped with a few chocolate curls and a drizzle of chocolate syrup, I thought we'd died and gone to heaven. This got rave reviews too...thanks so much for posting. I'm off to make another one right now!

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eknecht January 27, 2011

I made this with Kittencal's white buttercream frosting (http://www.recipezaar.com/The-Best-Creamy-White-FrostingIcing-Better-Than-Canned-80118) for a party at work. This is a wonderfully moist cake, so after I removed it from the baking pan, I froze it for about an hour before frosting - that really helps the cake hold together while you're slathering on the frosting! Since I needed to feed around 45 people, I doubled the recipe and baked it in an 11x15 pan and cooked it at 300 for 45 minutes, then at 275 for another 30 minutes. This cake was a raging success at work -I'm sure I'll be making it again!

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lildebbie77 October 21, 2009

I echo other reviews. I needed to take cake to a restaurant and did't have anything flat and large enough to take it on. Baked in a 12 cup bundt pan in 40 mins. Perfecto !! Even made the frosting, it was challenging to frost the Bundt cake but I did it !! Filled the middle with fresh strawberries and put some on top. Added the age of the b'day boy in chocolate chips on cake also. He has had quite a day thanx to Zaar !!! Comments from guests and our waiter were, 'this is the best chocolate cake I have ever had', 'is this a whipping cream icing' and lot's of ooh's and aaahhh's, eyes lighting up in glee. That said it all. Thank you for a classic chocolate cake recipe that is sure to impress. Everything about this cake was perfect if you want decadent and luscious without all the sugar that overwhelms the tastebuds, try this recipe !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Luvfood April 09, 2003

So easy and good! I made this twice for birthdays and it was a hit. Once, I made them into cupcakes and it worked perfectly, despite being so moist. Just fill 2/3 way full and cook for 23 minutes. One batch made 24 perfect cupcakes. However, I use a cool whip/cream cheese frosting found in the "shortcut carrot cake" recipe. It's not too sweet and really fluffy. These were the best cupcakes I ever had.

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OKC3094 August 24, 2010

The name says it all! For all of you that are having problems with the cake falling, beat the mix just unitll it comes together - over beating causes the cake to fall. It only takes my Kitchen-Aid 25 or 30 seconds to mix it all up!

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Bridget Elaine June 06, 2010
The Only Chocolate Cake Recipe You'll Ever Need! (Devil's Food)