The One and Only Barbecued Brisket

Total Time
14hrs 24mins
Prep 24 mins
Cook 14 hrs

Anyone can master a "real" barbecued brisket. I think that beef brisket was the reason the barbecue process was invented. We have some great BBQ joints in Texas and I think this recipe is as good as any of them. Cook time is for 1 1/4 hours per pound of a 12 lb. brisket.


  1. The day before serving pat the dry rub into every pore on the brisket and place in a large bag, or wrap tightly in plastic wrap, to marinate overnight.
  2. Early in the morning take brisket out of refrigerator and bring to room temperature while you start your fire and heat to 210ºF.
  3. Place brisket on opposite side from the firebox with the fat side up, so juices will help baste the meat.
  4. Maintain pit temperature between 180º and 220º and smoke 1 hour to 1 1/4 hours per pound.
  5. Every hour or so, if you have to use mop sauce you may do so.
  6. (The fat is going to keep the meat moist.) Remove brisket and let sit for 20 minutes.
  7. Cut the fatty top section away from the top section and the second section.
  8. Slice both brisket sections across the grain.
  9. Serve the barbeque sauce on the side, not on the meat.
Most Helpful

This recipe was great, and a classic smoked brisket. Be sure to go with the "Lone Star Rub", it's all in the rub.

BruceSchermerhorn May 29, 2005

this was a great recipe i tried it today and it could not have been any better this was the first brisket that my wife and i smoked and this recipe was very tasty and helpful for two novice smokers thanks

atetoomuch March 27, 2004

This recipe is all about the rub. I had never used a rub before and now I'm hooked. I try to leave the brisket in the fridge for 24 to 48 hours and a fresh trash bag is priceless. I have a thermostat controlled smoker and cook mine for 1 hour per pound @ 210f degrees fat side up and no more than 8 ounces of wood. Wood smoke facts: Strongest = Mesquite, then Hickory, then Pecan. I use hickory or pecan since mesquite can overwelm the balance of flavor. Thanks Miss Annie

Wing-Man October 19, 2005