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I love this method of making lemon curd! I've made it in the past, but having to hover over the stove is just a problem - I get distracted and disaster strikes! I did not stir it quite as much as indicated, but it turned out perfect. I used a 4-cup glass measuring cup in my 5 qt cooker, which worked very well. I used regular sugar, dropped the zest into it and whirred it all with my stick blender to reduce the sugar a bit and to release more essential oils - worked well. Served the curd with my Multigrain Kefir Pancakes for breakfast this morning - Mr Grumpy was even happier than usual! Thanks for posting this so-sensible method for making a lovely treat. Update: I also made this with two oranges and half a lemon - very tasty. Looking forward to trying other combinations.

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duonyte February 20, 2013

I made this using the slow cooker method, and it turned out perfect. We love it. I filled baked tart shells and have two jars left in the fridge to enjoy later. I'll always make lemon curd this way from now on. Last time I made it, I burned it, and it was awful. We'll have some tomorrow on toast.

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quiltylady December 13, 2009

I tried your recipe using the traditional method and LOVED IT! I made up six jars and gave some away. Everyone who I gave it to said they loved it too. I aslo used some of the jars I stored to make lemon merange pie when we had visiter over. Thanks for sharing this recipe and the different methods of making it.

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trisbert September 23, 2008

LOVE YOUR CURD, French Tart! Will admit that I used the traditional cooking method, & that was fine, but next time I make this great tasting curd, I want to try the slower method just to see what difference it might make! I enjoy the taste of lemon curd, by itself or on any wide number of other things!! Thanks for sharing a great recipe! [Made & reviewed as a recipenapped bonus in Aus/NZ Recipe Swap #14, Mar 08]

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Sydney Mike March 25, 2008

Lemon Curd is actually quite simple to make. This recipe requires you stir it every 15 minutes which, to me, negates the reason for using a slow cooker. Also, it says to cover the bowl with foil. If you do so, every time you remove the foil to stir it, you will add condensation to the Curd. I would recommend making Lemon Curd the old fashioned way. EDIT: My apologies to FrenchTart for not stating that the traditional cooking instructions start at # 7! I plan to try the St. Clement's Curd to use up some holiday fruits.

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Chef Kayce January 12, 2008
The National Trust Heritage Lemon Curd: Crock Pot or Traditional