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These are amazing! I had never made any kind of cookies before and I was very hesitant to try as I thought it was difficult. I noticed this recipe had such high reviews, so I gave it a try for Christmas and the cookies came out UNBELIEVABLE! I got lots of compliments on them. I used honey instead of molasses. The mix of ginger and other spices is very well set in this recipe. I will be trying more kinds of cookies, now that I have the confidence :)

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Elora2012 January 02, 2010

I followed original recipe, very disappointed, dough basically fell apart when trying to roll out and flour was the only distinct taste. I probably should have read reviews first, but seeing all the 5 stars, just assumed would be fantastic. I will try again at some point, but feel 3 cups of flour is too much.

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Carol T. February 03, 2015

made these for the family this Xmas and they were a big hit! 5 stars

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Roger Stevens January 08, 2015

I made this.It was EXCELLENT! thank you for sharing :)

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niloufar.azarmi December 27, 2014

been trying all week to make gingerbread, w/o success. BUT this is a great recipe. I was worried that it wouldnt be sweet enough, Cookies have perfect sweetness. Im watching carbs plain g-bread cookie is great with coffee or hot tea. For the kids I will decorate with royal icing. PREVIOUS TIP TO USE WAX PAPER AND FREEZE DOUGH FOR 10 MINUTES IS A GOOD IDEA.

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vbennett3030 December 23, 2014

Wonderful dough recipe!! I used this to make tartlets in my mini muffin tins. I filled with dark and milk chocolate, caramel and a cheese cake mix. The were a hit! Will make again and again!

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ribbles2008 December 23, 2014

This is a fantastic recipe. I read the suggestions, after I had already made the dough. I had to refrigerate it overnight so I brought it out to warm up before working with it, but not all the way. I too didn't want to add flour by rolling in it, or have flour on the cookies, so I rolled it out on the plastic wrap I had used already with another piece on top. A couple of my cookie cutters were sticking to it so i just dipped those in flour and shook them off and it was fine. The plastic made it super easy to remove the cookies to the parchment covered cookie sheets. I baked mine for 10 minutes per tray and they are perfect. Firm enough for decorating but still soft and chewy enough.<br/>And we LOVE ginger so I actually added a little more to the recipe than called for, and they are perfect!

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ColoradoCook3 December 23, 2014

I made this recipe to the letter and it was a disaster! Way too much flour. I had to throw it out. I made a 2nd time with only 2 cups of flour and reserved a bit more but I didn't need more than 2 cups. Other than that the cookies tasted fine. I wouldn't say it was the most wonderful recipe I've ever made for gingerbread.

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elizabeth_major December 23, 2014

Right before Christmas I made this recipe so my husband could have his favorite cookies--Gingerbread Men/Girls. Yes, my hubby & I agree. These truly are the most wonderful gingerbread cookies in the whole world. And they keep their shape during and after baking which is a big plus. But, I have to admit this was the most difficult cookie dough I've ever worked with in my entire baking life. I refrigerated the dough in plastic wrap for a day and a half then brought half the dough to room temperature. It had to be re-moistened with a little cold water as it seemed just to want to break apart, which it did anyway. So I had to add about 1 TBSP more water and knead it into the dough. Then I rolled it out on a floured board and it would not roll evenly in any direction.. Took me 3 hours to roll, cut out the shapes, then bake. I was really glad I had bought artisan mats to use on cookie sheets as fighting with a roll of parchment paper would have been my limit. Thank heaven I only have to make these cookies once a year.

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Kay Campion December 22, 2014

These are excellent! The past few Christmases I've tried two or three different gingerbread cookie recipes, and they've just been okay...but these are amazing. I pretty much followed the recipe to a T, except I left out the lemon zest and I doubled the cloves because I like my gingerbread spicy. I left them in the oven for 9 minutes, and that gave them a nice crunchiness that I like as well (I'm not much of a soft cookie person, except for chocolate chip cookies). <br/><br/>This is definitely my new go-to recipe!

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jtw December 21, 2014
The Most Wonderful Gingerbread Cookies