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This makes EXTREMELY tasty gingerbread cookies that, as far as cookies go, are surprisingly low on the sugar content. Aside from never having lemons on hand to zest when making these, have made them several times & followed the recipe exactly each time with the same VERY irresistible results!<br/><br/>Notes & hints: <br/>- For those of you like myself who do not own a KitchenAid stand mixer, a basic hand mixer works fine for combining the butter, brown sugar & egg. (A little elbow grease will be needed to combine everything by hand at the end, but that is a small workout that can be used to justify eating one more cookie when done!) <br/><br/>- Follow the recipe to the letter, dividing the dough in half & letting both rest at room temperature for at least 2 hours as stated. Yes, the dough is a bit on the sticky side when all ingredients are first combined, but dividing it in half & letting it rest for a few hours allows it to dry slightly, resulting in a very workable "Play-doh"-like texture. <br/><br/>- Unlike several other reviewers who note sticking issues, have found on every occasion so far that the dough can be easily rolled out with minimal sprinkling of flour to keep it from sticking. (The key to this may be with allowing it to rest as noted above.) Have also easily rolled out, cut out, then transferred shapes to a parchment paper covered baking sheets with NO need to chill anything in the freezer first. <br/><br/>Very well done - this is sure to be a family favorite for years to come. Thank you!!!

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JB5lim January 05, 2014

Loved this - thank you for posting - this is a keeper!<br/><br/>Just one little change - a tip from my Grandmother who learned it from one of the DuPont household cooks about 90 years ago ... when making gingerbread or gingerbread cookies, replace half of the regular shortening with bacon grease. And no, I am not kidding .... amaaaaazinnnnggggg.

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One Happy Woman June 08, 2013

By far and away the BEST Gingerbread cookies I've ever made. The last batch from a marathon day of Christmas cookie baking, I left Gingerbread dough in fridge overnight to roll out in the morning. Dough was firm but still very moist. It held up well with a well floured board and rolling pin though, no sticking and tolerant of scrap re-roll. I did not cook this on the stove, threw everything in my Kitchenaid mixer and it came out great. Dusted with powdered sugar, bomb-diggity good!

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Cherylcat54 December 02, 2012

Funny reading the other reviews. People either thought too much spice or not enough! I have a few gingerbread recipes saved in my main cookbook and I've been going thru them to find the one I like best. I feel that a gingerbread cookie should taste like GINGER... go figure! Otherwise just make a molasses cookie into shapes instead! :op I think I will keep this recipe as it has the best mix of molasses to ginger and a lower amount of butter than the others that I tried. I was intrigued by a suggestion to use maple syrup in place of molasses. I may try that sometime.

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Chef Tweaker October 05, 2011

This is a FABULOUS recipe. I'm love how you can really adjust the thickness of the dough based on what you like, and they come out great no matter what. I used a pretty small cookie cutter, and it works great. It seems very difficult to mess these up!

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lsaternus February 21, 2010

These are excelent! they've come out just right every time I've made them, and they're perfect! Crisp on the outside, soft in the middle, not too sweet, with lits of gingery flavor 5 stars. Great for the holidays!

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Mel... January 20, 2010

They come runnin' just as fast as they can... cause every kid's crazy 'bout a Gingerbread Man!!After borrowing The Gingerbread Man from our local library, the kids needed one of their own, that didn't run too fast! Finally, a Gingerbread recipe that isn't *too* sweet nor *too* gingery - they are Just Right! Great even for small children, but still maintain that yummy gingery flavor. I made combined cookie sheets with very small cut-outs as well as big Gingerboys, a bit over 1/4" thick. The tiny stars came out just barely crisp and the boys soft on the inside and firm enough to "walk" (did I mention the small children?) at 7 minutes. Thanks for my new Gingerbread recipe!!!

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TJ-Montana January 19, 2010

I LOVE spicy cookies, and this was my first attempt at proper gingerbread cookies. I have replaced the molasses with golden syrup and for some reason the cookies got eaten without being iced. Maybe next time...

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Tessa van Niekerk January 06, 2010

This recipe produced such a soft, yummy gingerbread cookie!! I kept mine in the fridge for a couple of days until I was ready for it. The rolled out and baked beautifully. Once they were cooled, I dipped them in melted white chocolate - hubby was very happy!! Thanks for posting!

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xpnsve January 03, 2010

This is a great recipe. My grandaughters and I made gingerbread boys for Christmas and had such fun together decorating them. The dough is so easy to work with they had no problemj with rolling and cutting. The plus is they tasted really good. Everyone at our annual Christmas Eve party commented on how cute and how good they were. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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cjl11532 January 03, 2010
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