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Fantastic brownies Noo. So rich and fudgey and just the way I like my brownies. A little crackly on top and rough around the edges. The coffee taste comes through perfectly too. A sure keeper of a brownie recipe for me.
Made for PRMR.

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CoffeeB August 20, 2011

I'm not big on coffee, but made these for my other half to share at one of his weekly get-togethers, & defer to his ravings about how good they are ~ Apparently they're some of the best brownies he's had! One thing I do know is that the pan came back to me totally empty, so that says a lot! Thanks for sharing the recipe! [Made & reviewed as a THANK YOU for playing with us in Please Review My Recipe during the recent tour]

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Sydney Mike July 10, 2011

Intense brownies! I didn't do the math on the pan size until too late -- a 30mm square pan is a 12-inch square pan, which holds the equivalent of an 8-inch square pan AND a 9-inch square pan. I put all into a 9-inch pan, and extended the baking time by at least 20 minutes. Due to my error, the edges were overdone just to get the middle to the right stage. The overbaked brownies didn't excite me, but the moist, chewy interior bars were utter delight! Would anyone actually cut this recipe into only 16 pieces? Because they were so intense, I cut into 56 pieces. I will make this recipe again, scaling back to 3 eggs to fit the 9-inch pan to the correct depth. I bought a pound of caster sugar, but that was about 1/4 cup short of the required amount for the full recipe; so I added superfine sugar to make up the difference. I was able to see how fine a powder the caster sugar was; next to it the superfine sugar was noticeably more granular -- at least I knew better than to use confectioner's sugar (which has cornstarch mixed into it). I used Ghiradelli 60% Cacao dark chocolate chips and Dutch processed cocoa. I used instant Folgers, but next time I will use instant espresso. I might increase the pure vanilla extract next time as well. Made for Please Review My Recipe tag game.

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KateL April 24, 2014

i used 1 cup butter and baked at 350 for 1 hour i think i would not cook that long for the pan i used . this makes alot of brownies that are AWESOME it is a little work true but they taste great the batter is fluid dont worry about it .

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Dienia B. October 03, 2011
The Maven's Fudge Brownies